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David Ljung Madison Stellar
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I am about passion and love and experience, not necessarily in that order.

I travel around the world and teach people how to dance. I can also be found building things, whether with computers, steel or wood. My life doesn't fit into any of the usual boxes, but it fits me well. I also do improv theatre and have been known to play with Nerf guns.

Actually, this is only my real identity. My secret identity is..

domains - all the current Dave Pointers. - my semi-professional home page. - my narcissistic home page. - Dave's geek site MarginalHacks - I have an elegant script for that, but it's too small to fit in the margin. DaveFAQ - answer all your questions here. DavePics - my photo album.


Since leaving college I've been working on CPUs, which has been my primary geek passion.
Usually I work in verification, since I excel at breaking things. :-)
Brief job history:
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Here are things that are pretty important to living the fast-paced life of Dave Ljung Madison Stellar:

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- Lindy Hop Swing Dancing

- Blues Dancing

- Improv Theater

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