No people, this page and the card are a joke
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David "Dave" Ljung

Favorite Position: Offense
1st placeU.S. Open 1995-1999
U.S. Foosball Cards 1998
Most valuable offensive playerFoos-It! awards
Most offensive playerU.S. Close 1997
Most times tackled in a gameU.S. Open 1998
Started playing: August, 1998
Favorite Shots: 5-Bar Stove-Top
Quick sweep
Trick Shot: Brownian Serve
Measurements: 35-35-35
Turn-ons: The snake shot, moonlight walks on the beach
Turn-offs: People who let their bars free-spin

Dave was born to Foos.

When he was only a wee 26 year old, he played his first game of foos, at a time when most people are still learning how to walk. Since then he has dedicated his life in search of 'the perfect foos.'

Nobody knows what he means by that.

After winning a few games on the local circuit, he was approached by famous Foos agent William Macinstein, who gave him the pseudonym 'Johnny Lott.' He performed in a number of hit movies, including an Academy Award winning performance in The Long Shot (Best Foos Scene) and a powerful scene which was ultimately cut from the movie The Natural. (Hollywood rumor has it that Redford had an embarassing Foosball loss to Dave/Johnny only one day before the scene was cut)

Finally, in an attempt to meet more women, he's reverted back to his original name and hit the professional foos circuit. He can often be found masquerading as an engineer at various startups in Silicon Valley, where Foosball is a common cultural pastime.

See his foos table