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Home Page Instruction Manual

Important Safeguards

As with any equipment, observe these basic safety precautions:

  1. Follow all of these instructions. If they are missing, please contact your nearest authorized HTML service centre.
  2. Read these instructions before using the home page.
  3. Make sure that the home page is correctly installed before use.
  4. Remove the transit bracket. You must not operate the home page with this bracket in place.
  5. Do not use the home page if it has been dropped or damaged, until it has been examined at an authorized HTML service centre.
  6. Do not disassemble the home page. To reduce the risk of shock, service or repair work must be done only at an authorized HTML service centre. Incorrect reassembly can cause shock when the home page is used again.
  7. Do not immerse the home page in water or other fluids.
  8. Do not stand or sit on top of the home page; you could injure yourself or damage the home page by such abuse.
  9. Children should not be allowed to play with the home page or tamper with the controls.

Please print out these instructions for reference.


Thank you for choosing Dave's home page. If used as directed, it may provide several minutes of amusement. I hope that it will fill your home page needs, for now and the forseeable future.


Reading the home page

Dave's home page contains a large number of alphabetic characters. For your convenience, these have been arranged into words.

To further enhance your pleasure, the words have been placed together in meaningful combinations known as sentences and paragraphs. It is therefore possible to derive meaning and enjoyment from the home page, using the following procedure:

Troubleshooting guide

If you have problems with Dave's home page, please check this troubleshooting guide. Look at the list below and check the suggestions given; they may provide you with the answer to your problem.

Home page makes no sense

This home page is designed to be read by people who speak English. If you have trouble understanding it:

Home page makes an unpleasant noise or vibrates during reading

In normal usage, Dave's home page should be noiseless and should not vibrate excessively.

Home page is leaking

From time to time you may find that a few concepts from the home page leak into your mind. This is perfectly normal. If you experience excessive leakage, there may be a fault.

Home page is not visible

Dave's home page is designed to be displayed using light in the 400-700nm range. If it is displayed using other wavelengths, it may be invisible to the human eye.

Check also that your eyes are open and directed towards the home page.

Home page stops unexpectedly

In some situations the home page may stop before you feel that you have gained sufficient enjoyment. This is unavoidable. If it is a problem, consider the possibility of further contact with Dave.

It is also possible on rare occasions for the home page to