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1960s Evidently a food joint called Callie's Place existed here in the 60s

2012/12/29 The occupation begins!
Resized/rewelded fence, fixed lock, fixed opening/closing issues. Put tarps up on front fence.
2012/12/30 Shed: Painted over graffiti, replaced locks, setup initial electricity box.
2012/12/31 Cleaned out storm grate. Shed: Exterior outlets/switch (partially done), hung some perimeter lights. Setup outdoor stereo. Plants!
2013/01/03 I have power!
Ran electrical over ~150' of Romex from next door. 30A breaker next door, then 20A breaker here with breaker box and outlets. Switched outlet is also now working for lights. Bus is now plugged into shed instead of vice-versa!
2013/01/04 Got broken patio heater for $40 and fix it!
2013/01/14?? Security system arrives - setup initial camera
2013/01/25 Setup carports and covers, setup lighting
2013/01/26 Setup two more security cameras
2013/01/27 Final repair of gate - somewhat straight now. Tacked up roof of garage.

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Fencing, or else barbed wire + posts


Water In

Water/Sewage Out
	Or pump into grey tank / pump out?
	Get quick slide for grey tank

	Disco Dan
	Or stack two shipping containers???  They come in 40'!
		Radon/radiation test?
			Towing company could conceivably tow an empty container

	WOOD STORAGE /TOOL / GARDEN SHED 7'x7'x5' - $95 (glen park)
	hinges/clasp: +$50
	SF delivery: +$75
	weights 400 lbs, 5/16" plywood
	stacks 3 high

	Outdoor Heating

	Plants - Davis family

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