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I love fish tacos. I also love veggie burritos. But finding fish tacos North of San Diego can be a challenge. Here's a list of the best places I know of to get fish tacos and veggie burritos in San Francisco.

Ed. Note: My preference is for vegetarian burritos (beans and rice) and not vegetable burritos (broccoli and carrots and cauliflower and every other vegetable that is on sale at the market). I can't stand vegetable burritos, so your mileage may vary.

Fish Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
Lobster Tacos
Taco Pescado
Fish Burritos
Lobster Burritos

  Best fish taco: Nick's Crispy Tacos Best veggie burrito: Taqueria Cancun
  Best fish burrito: ?? (was El Balazo) Best chain: Rubios
  Best healthy mex: Papalote, Los Altos Best hole-in-the-wall: El Chachanilla
  Unique fish taco: El Gran Taco Late night fish taco: Taqueria Zorros

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El Balazo (a.k.a. 'Car Wash Burrito') 282-7130 2560 Marin St
Fish Burritos (cash only!)
UPDATE: El Balazo is no longer at the Car Wash location! This has been replaced with El Tonayense, the taco truck people (who have Fish only on Fridays). A sad loss.
UPDATE #2: El Tonayense has been replaced by "Martitas", which has decent fish burritos, though not quite as good as Balazo.
Old info: These fish burritos are to die for. This is hidden in the corner of a car wash near the Cesar Chavez entrance to 101. Not to be confused with the other (related but not as tasty) El Balazo's in SF.

Martitas Kitchen 231-3196 2560 Marin St
Fish Burritos
A decent enough fish burrito, but sadly it replaced the original home of El Balazo, who had the best fish burrito around, so it's hard to compare.

Tacos El Ojo De Agua - 3rd and Brannan (truck)
Fish Tacos
The best grilled tilapia I've had in SF. This truck is sometimes also parked by 1015 Folsom on Fri/Sat nights, but normally sits at 3rd and Brannan. The taco is overflowing but simple, with cabbage, salsa verde and pico de gallo.

Al Carajo 400-4146 3224 1/2 22nd St @ Mission
Fish Tacos
Right in the mission we finally have some incredible fish tacos. These are on the fancy side with their clever purple tortillas, but it doesn't matter because the fish is basically cooked perfectly to order.

El Chachanilla 550-9410 2948 21st @ Harrison
Fish Tacos
At the walk up window you can plunk down a measly $1.25 and get some of the best fish tacos in San Francisco. If you want other meats, they have an encouraging menu of brains, eyes and guts as well as the more American chicken and steak. The fish is so lightly breaded it almost seems grilled. If that wasn't enough, there's a massive selection of condiments on the counter so you can apply your own heaping dabs of gaucamole and salsa fresca.
The Agua de Fresca (particularly the Melon) is very sweet, so if you like that (as I do), then you'll enjoy the Agua here.
Chachanilla has only two faults. They cook the tortillas on the grill with no oil, so they're dry, but more importantly, they have serious consistency problems. Make sure to come during normal feeding hours, otherwise the condiments and fish can be very dry and unhappy. If it wasn't for that, Chachanilla's would be a solid 5 stars.

El Pelon 864-3647 Mission St and South Van Ness
? Fish and Shrimp Tacos/Burritos
A converted bright red trailer on the inner West corner of Mission and Van Ness hides some of the best Taqueria fish in San Francisco. Their grilled sole would hold it's own if it was sitting on a plate by itself. They grill in butter (can do oil if asked), though they use enough that the fish is fairly close to deep fried in terms of fat content, and even tastier. They also have prawns, though I haven't tried them yet. Guacomole has no milk.

El Tonayense 559-0404 Harrison & 17th St
Fish Tacos on Fridays
The Tonayense mexican trucks are a source of surprisingly good and cheap food. Because of laws on food trucks, they are found in some odd parts of town: 3150 24th St and Harrison & 14th/17th/19th St, and their hours aren't clear. But they're definitely worth a try. They have fish tacos on Fridays, and the fish (Tilapia, I think) is lightly fried, but incredibly juicy. The tacos are very simple and cheap. Guacomole has lots of cream/milk.

El Farolitos Taqueria 826-4870 2779 Mission St
Veggie Burritos
2005/10/26 Update: The line quality at Farolitos, I am sad to say, has hit rock bottom. They make their burritos so quickly that it's a mess to watch, and food is flying everywhere. Order chicken and expect pieces of beef, order no-cheese and watch as they drop cheese all across your tortilla. Not cool if you have serious dietary restrictions. The last three times I've gone they've screwed up my burrito somehow, finally on the last time I gave up and had to give the burrito away - I won't be going back. Let me know if their quality changes, because I miss their good and fast food.
2011 Update: To make things worse, I had some good friends who went to Farolitos and one of their workers stole their iPhone. When they figured out who took it, they got their phone back and told management, but management didn't do anything about it and chose to protect their thief employee. A sad drop for what used to be the best Taqueria in the Mission.
Originally: The best veggie burritos in SF. Ask for extra avocado and you'll be in heaven. Open superlate and generally packed. The cebollitas (grilled onions) are tasty too - though they dip them in the same oil as the meat.

Weird Fish 863-4744 2193 Mission St
Fish and Veggie Tacos
Another sad loss in the Mission. The Weird Fish menu was cut by more than half, and a lot of great items have disappeared. The menu keeps changing, so whether or not they will have satisfying fish tacos is always a question.
Originally: Great fish tacos, though I wish they had hot sauce available at the table. The have many veggie tacos available which are also fantastic, check out the yam and spinach taco for a treat. Also has a number of excellent veggie and vegan selections, such as vegan buffalo wings (gluten free batter available!) a vegan fish and chips.

Dos Pinas 252-8220 251 Rhode Island St
Fish Tacos
Interesting menu and location. Has two fish tacos, a Baja taco and a 'Corona' fish taco (although their online menu mentions Baja, Grilled Tilapia and Prawn). I tried the Baja taco. The fish is sizable and good, but without the creme sauce (they couldn't tell me if it was dairy or not), the taco wasn't complete, and their lack of pico de gallo anywhere is a shameful oversight. They have a good (homemade?) hot sauce, but that's not enough to complete this taco. So very close to a fantastic taco.

Street Taco 872-9503 980 16th St
Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos
Somehow they've managed to mix fairly expensive tacos (2 for $9) with the notion of street food. Having said that, it's worth noting that they cook their fish perfectly - the fish is juicy and tender, it's tilapia with no breading. The tortillas are pretty good as well, though unfortunately there isn't really much else going on with this taco. They asked me if I wanted it hot and I did, but the taco itself didn't really have much flavor or heat. If you're looking for a really well cooked fish on a simple tortilla with cabbage, then maybe this is the taco for you. I did not use the chipotle sauce they offered, because it was based off dairy (tartar sauce), but I doubt it would have completely changed the flavor of the taco. Worth doing, but perhaps not at this $$. I also tried the shrimp taco, which was also reasonably well cooked (and not in butter, for once), but less noteworthy than the fish.

Street Taco 872-9906 83 9th St
Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos
One of their other locations

Street Taco 525-4435 1607 Haight St
Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos
One of their other locations

Papalote 970-8815 3409 24th St @ Valencia
Fish Tacos, Veggie Burritos, Soyrizo!
New location at 1777 Fulton St @ Masonic (old "Tango 20" location) Papalote's is an anomoly for Mexican food - it's clean, healthy AND it's tasty. They're vegan friendly and fresh, the vegetables are picked daily, and they proudly advertise vegan rice, beans (refried!) and guacamole.

The fish tacos are tasty considering how much healthier they are than fried (non-dairies be warned, ask for oil instead of butter), and the salsa has many fans.

They also have something that I wish more Mexican restaurants would offer, which is Soyrizo as a meat choice, though I haven't had a chance to try it in their tacos/burritos yet, but Soyrizo is what I use in tacos at home so I know it's good.

There are better fish tacos in SF, but if you're looking for a healthy taqueria, this is the place to go.

El Farolitos Taqueria 641-0758 2950 24th St
Veggie Burritos
Next to their Mission Street location, almost as good but they steam their tortillas instead of grilling them.

Rubios 957-1389 865 Market St
I actually like Rubios even though it's a chain. They have lobster, shrimp, fish and even grilled fish tacos and burritos. They've got it all, and it's decent and cheap. Not exactly south of the border, but what do you expect from fast food? This Rubios is hidden in the lower level of the San Francisco Centre mall at 5th.

Tacos Santana 920-9366 2491 Mission St
Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos, Mexican Seafood
This bar and restaurant carries a massive seafood selection, including fish and shrimp tacos. The fish is fried and is juicy and tender, the seasoning is just about perfect. Missing from a perfect fish taco is pico de gallo, unfortunately. The menu says that it's open to 2am, but it's only open to 11pm.
Non-dairy people take note, the guacomole has milk and the shrimp is cooked in butter.

Nick's Crispy Tacos at Harry Denton's Rouge 409-8226 1500 Broadway St
Fish Tacos, fish burritos.
Club by night, fish taqueria by day!
They have grilled fish and baja fish (fried), but the baja is much better. The fish is very tender and tasty and the tacos are packed. The guacomole is generous and delicious (though it's an extra charge). The white sauce is made from mayo and lime juice, so it doesn't have any milk which is great for us non-dairy folk. On top of having great tacos, they often have Watermelon Aqua de Fresca, which is my favorite kind, and refills are only a dollar.

Taqueria Los Coyotes 760-7199 3036 16th St
Fish, Shrimp Tacos
A very clean and new taqueria place with well designed menus draws suspicion in my book, but it turns out to be undeserved for this restaurant. They have a grilled fish taco that isn't overloaded with fish, but they load it up with salsa, cilantro, etc, making for a very juicy taco, of which I am a fan. If you're looking for lots of the fish taste, then you'll be missing here, but it otherwise makes for a tasty taco. They also can do Shrimp tacos (w/out butter, thanks for that) and the situation is very similar, though the texture of the shrimp helps it stand out a bit more. Also worth trying is the Guacofries, which are quite good even without cheese.

Tacolicious 346-1966 2031 Chestnut St
Fish Tacos
I'm not much up for the loud, crowded bar-like atmosphere, but the tacos show potential. The fish in the fried cod taco is very similar to the excellent fish at Nicks, but the rest of the taco doesn't own up - the tortillas aren't worthy of the fish. The guacomole they offer as a side is good and has a large portion, but the salsa is a bit overly citrus. Better tortillas and a strong pico de gallo would make this a top notch taco. Good enough if you're in the area otherwise. They have a "taco of the week" called the "Pescado Veracruz" which I am guessing is a regular on their menu, it's grilled cod with tomato-caper-olive sauce, but it's just not worth it. Stick to the friend cod.

White Orchid Taqueria 474-3888 993 North Point St
? Fish Tacos (Coming Soon)
At the beginning of April this taqueria by Fisherman's Wharf will be carrying fish tacos. I'll try them out soon as they're up.

El Tesoro 202.0530 599 O'Farrell St @ Leavenworth
Fish Tacos, Prawn Tacos
A very messy, tasty taco - the fish is simple but juicy, and the salsa is quite good. They'll do avocado instead of guacomole if you ask. My only wish would be that they'd cook their tortillas differently, they seem to just heat them up instead of fry or grill them.

Taqueria Fiesta Taco 885-0866 250 Golden Gate Ave @ Leavenworth
Fish Tacos, Prawns, Ceviche
Their fish is just slightly salty and dry, but the rest of the taco is so phenomenal that it makes up for it. They have a great pico de gallo that I highly recommend, and they load up the taco with it.

El Metate 641-7209 2406 Bryant
Fish Tacos
Tasty fish tacos, and I'm told they have the best vegetable burrito around. (That's 'vegetable' - not 'veggie')

El Castillito 621-6971 2092 Mission St
Veggie Burritos
This was my favorite place to get veggie burritos until I discovered El Farolitos.

El Balazo 543-4601 54 Mint St
Fish Burritos
Blah. Nothing compared to the Car Wash Burrito.

El Balazo 864-2140 1654 Haight St
Fish Burritos
Blah. Nothing compared to the Car Wash Burrito.

El Beach Burrito 731-2004 3914 Judah St @ 44th Ave
Fish Tacos & Burritos
If you're in the deep sunset and longing for fish tacos, you don't have to drive into the "city" anymore. El Beach slices up fish relatively thin and then grills it - which has the benefit of being somewhere between grilled and deep-fried as far as fat/flavor. Unfortunately they don't do much to the fish to wake it up - so unless you're looking for a plain taco, it's not much of a catch. I went back and tried the fish burrito. Sadly, it was kind of dry. It was solid, but not quite what I was hoping for.

Green Chile Kitchen 614-9411 601 Baker @ Fulton
Veggie Burritos
Not a lot of offerings, but a decent veggie burrito, and really good green chile (hence the name), which is used as a topping as well as the base for a good vegetarian green chile stew.

Ganim's Deli 282-9289 1135 18th St @ 280
Fish Tacos
This pre-gentrification little market is nestled on the end of the hip Potrero shopping district. The grilled fish is okay, and the tortillas are barely warm, but the toppings are good and plentiful. You get three completely packed tacos for under $10, and that's a pretty good deal.

Gracias Madre 683-1346 2211 Mission St
Vegan Mexican
Interesting 100% organic and vegan mexican restaurant in the Mission. Not that exciting from a veggie burrito perspective, but worthy of note on my SF veggie restaurants list

Pacific Catch 440-1950 2027 Chestnut St @ Fillmore
Fish Tacos
This is a pretty tasty fish place - somewhere between a restaurant and fast food. They have fish tacos on their menu, in the healthy style. The tacos are more non-traditional in their flavor, exemplified by the Salmon BBQ Taco. They have lots of great things as well such as sweet-potato fries and coconut shrimp, and they're the only place in San Francisco where I've found my favorite Hawaiian dish, Ahi Poke.

Taco Los Altos 821-0701 737 Cortland Ave
Fish Tacos, Ceviche, Shrimp Tacos
I haven't tried the ceviche or shrimp yet, but the fish tacos are great. They use a quality grilled white fish. I highly recommend paying the extra money for the "super" - not only for the guacomole and toppings, but because the super taco comes with a homemade tortilla which is well worth the money. This is a very tasty taco that isn't fried and doesn't have a fried shell. Update 2007/05/07: I tried their fish burrito and it was awful. The fish was dry and overcooked, and the burrito had nothing going for it. My companion tried the veggie burrito and only had this to say: "It wasn't bad, at least."

Taqueria Zorros 392-9677 308 Columbus St @ Broadway
Fish Tacos, Fish Burritos
This place serves a great bare-bones fish taco with some caveats. They're also happily open late (2am). They give you lots of grilled red snapper, but it only comes with onion and cilantro, so you probably want some extra condiments. The hot sauce is tasty but hot. Make sure to ask for avocado instead of guacamole, since their guacamole is often a pathetic, soupy imitation of some weird guacamole mayonnaise spread.

And unfortunately their fish burrito isn't very good either, it was too salty and bland the time I tried it, which is hard to justify with a price tag over $8. Stick to the tacos.

El Gran Taco 956-6125 448 Broadway St
Fish Tacos, Fish Burritos only Thursdays
Even though they commited the cardinal sin of reheating their fish in a microwave, the fish was somehow still delicious. They use a very unique spice in their fish which is a great flavor, though not one that is very common to fish tacos, and they use rice and beans instead of the common cabbage and sauce, but again, it's quite tasty. Warning: the rice is not veggie, it has chicken broth, and they only have fish on thursdays. It's definitely worth checking out for a unique fish taco experience.

La Fonda 681-9205 712 Irving St
Salmon Tacos
They grill up a slice of salmon on the spot when you order the salmon taco. It's very fresh and very clean. The taco is sparse, only coming with lettuce and salsa, though an extra order of the guacomole (non-dairy) gets you a heap of guac. The fish is only lightly seasoned, but it's still fresh, so it's good if you're looking for a subtle fish taco experience. I believe they also have shrimp burritos.

Circolo Lounge 553-8560 500 Florida St @ Mariposa
Fish Tacos
At happy hour, this 'Ultra Lounge' serves grilled fish tacos for $5. The tacos are pretty sparse as one might expect from an upscale restaurant, but they are pretty tasty. My biggest wish would be for more salsa. They are tasty enough if you don't mind the price, though don't talk to the owner, since he's a bit of a jackass.

Amante 362-4400 570 Green St
Fish Tacos, Prawn Tacos
Overpriced ($8) fish and prawn tacos as an appetizer. The fish is good, but the tacos are a bit dry, they need more sauce and grease - they're a bit too clean.

El Taco Loco 282-7018 3274 24th St @ Mission
Fish Tacos, Fish Tortas
Fish tacos aren't on the menu, but fish tortas are (haven't tried one yet). The fish doesn't seem to have much flavor at first, but the taco has a nice amount of sloppiness on it and the flavor starts to grow.

El Taco Loco 695-0621 3306 Mission St @ 29th
? Fish Tacos?
The other El Taco Loco - haven't tried.

La Cumbre 863-8205 515 Valencia St
Fish Tacos, Mexi-Seafood
Great salsa, lousy Baja fish. Imagine some slightly seasoned and salted fish sticks on a taco. A shame, because they have good pico de gallo. They also carry a number of fish dishes I haven't tried yet.
Non-dairy people take note, the guacomole has milk.

La Carreta 522-1999 533 Haight St
Fish Tacos
A new taqueria in the mission. Fish was neither good nor bad, and the pico de gallo was pretty good, but the tortillas were a bit soggy, and so overloaded that it was actually too big to eat. If you're in the area and you need a fish taco, it isn't too bad, but they need to work on their tortillas.

Pancho's 387-TACO 3440 Geary
Fish Tacos
Cleaner slightly more styling joint but not necessarily as tasty as I'd hope.

Pancho's 474-2280 1639 Polk St
Fish Tacos
Another smaller version of the Pancho's on Geary

Pancho Villa's 864-8840 3071 16th St
Fish Tacos
Pancho Villa has two types of fish tacos, a whitefish and a salmon taco, both grilled. They serve more fish per taco than any other place I've seen, but the whitefish isn't as good as the salmon and probably should've been fried. The tacos aren't very exciting, but they have salsa mexicana at the salsa bar which I appreciate. If you like your fish tacos to mostly be tortilla and fish, then you'll love their tacos.

La Salsa Mexican Grill 771-7848 2401 California St
Fish Tacos
It's a small chain, so that doesn't help. They have grilled fish tacos (two kinds) and shrimp tacos. They aren't bad but they aren't great. They seem to be walking in the no-mans-land between healthy and not-healthy-but-yummy which doesn't seem like a great place to be. If they fried their tortillas, then we'd have a whole different review. They have a salsa bar (hence the name), but while the salsa selection is good, none of them knocked me off my feet taste-wise (though the habanero salsa will knock you off your feet heat-wise).

Taqueria Cancun 252-9560 2288 Mission St
Ceviche Tostada, Veggie burritos
Ceviche is fish cooked with lime/lemon juice instead of heat. Cancun has delicious ceviche tostadas - which is ceviche and tomatos and onions (optionally avocado) on a hard tortilla. Fantastic and juicy. You'll want lots of napkins. Their veggie burrito is also great. It was my favorite until I discovered Farolito's, but Farolito's has severely fallen off in quality, so Cancun is back on top.

La Salsa Mexican Grill 291-0717 39 Pier @ Bldg P
Fish Tacos
Another La salsa location.

El Burrito Express 2 776-4246 1812 Divisadero St
Fish Tacos, Fish/prawn burritos
On their "specials" menu they have a $3.90 two fish taco plate (no fish on their "regular" menu. The fish is grilled snapper (though it looked more like whitefish to me) and has some nice spice and is grilled in white wine. The tortillas are very good and large, though a bit thin. Unfortunately they serve the whole thing as one big plate taco, making it impossible to eat taco style. I recently tried the fish burrito, and it was really good - you could definitely taste the white wine sauce, and the tomatos, onions and peppers were plentiful. Evidently they now also carry a tofu burrito.
Warning: the rice is not veggie, it has chicken broth,

El Burrito Express 566-8300 1601 Taraval St
? Fish Tacos?
Another Burrito Express - haven't tried it.

Mariachi's 621-4358 508 Valencia St
Fish Tacos, Shrimp Burritos
Not particularly exciting unless you like "fancy" salsas such as mango salsa. They have lots of options for beans and rice and salsa, but the fish isn't terribly exciting.

Las Mesas 863-1382 663 Haight St
Fish Tacos, Vegetable Burritos
This is the winner in the 'too big too eat as a taco' category, also known as the fork&knife taco. The tortilla seems homemade, and is good, but it's not fried, so it gets a little soggy underneath all the toppings. The fish is grilled and is good fish, though with a little less spice than I prefer. The toppings are good - if they'd fry the tortilla and split it amongst two or three tacos so I could actually pick them up, then they'd have a solid contender in the "pescado a la planche" (grilled) category.
They also have a vegetable burrito, but brocolli and squash don't belong on a burrito as far as I'm concerned, so I haven't tried theirs.
Their menu is also more extensive than the menu behind the counter shows - I suggest looking at their takeout menu to get a full list of plates.

El Toro Taqueria 431-3351 598 Valencia St
Shrimp Tacos
Well made shrimp tacos, but not a lot of flavor.

Ocean Taqueria 346-3515 1836 Divisadero St
Shrimp Tacos
They don't actually have shrimp tacos on their menu, but they have shrimp, and they have tacos. I asked them to make a shrimp taco for me and discovered why they don't have shrimp tacos on their menu.

Sweet Heat 387-8845 1725 Haight St
Fish Tacos
You would think that, considering the high price and the long menu descriptions with all sorts of quirky ingredients that these tacos would actually taste good.

La Tortilla 861-3990 495 castro
Fish Tacos
Small joint, decent tacos, not enough condiment selection.

Taqueria San Jose 282-0203 2830 Mission St
Fish Tacos
Not a lot of selection, but the grilled fish taco is actually surprisingly tasty. If they had more salsa mexicana on it, it would be perfect.

Temporary Specials

Squat and Gobble 665-9900 1 W Portal Ave
Fish Tacos
2005/01/25: The S&G on Portal has a temporary lunch special of fish tacos that they said will run until late February. Let me know if you see it there again. The tacos are pretty good, they give a heaping portion of guacomole if you order. If the tacos were spicier then I'd really enjoy them - but they're pretty far away for me anyways.

Haven't Tried (Please send in reviews!)

Del Taco 975-0855 711 Market St @ 3rd
? Fish Tacos
Suggested by Harold Wong , similar to Rubios.

La Parilla Grill 359-1212 1760 Polk St
? Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos

Primavera stand ? ?
? Fish Tacos
Allegedly you can get good fish tacos some saturdays at the Ferry Buildings Farmers market.

Tres Agaves 227-0500 130 Townsend St
? Fish Tacos

Taylor's Automatic Refresher 866-328-3663 1 Ferry Building
? Fish Tacos

Maya's Next Door 543-2928 303 2nd St
? Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos

Taco Del Mar 618-0534 163 2nd St
? Fish Tacos
I was perusing Google Maps Street View for something else and noticed this neon "Fish Tacos" sign down a side street. So I searched for the name on the front of the building and here it is. It's a chain, but they still might have decent fish tacos.

Restaurante El Delphin 643-7955 3066 24th St
? Fish Tacos, Shrimp Fajitas
The menu seems to have many fish/prawn entrees that are served with tortillas.

Tortilla Flats ???-???? Divisadero and Bush
? Fish Tacos
"Fish Tacos" advertised on their frontage.

Andal� 749-0506 2150 Chestnut St
? Upscale Fish Selection
Andal� is a slick local chain. Of note are three SFO locations, two post security. I haven't tried them yet, but their menu looks promising: Shrimp Quesadillas, Shrimp Fajitas, Fish Tacos, and Fish/Shrimp/Veggie Burritos. They also have watermelon Aguas Fresca.

La Taqueria ? 2889 Mission St @ 25th
Veggie Tacos
Julia says: Bustling restaurant and sometimes long lines for some of the best Mexican in town. The veggie tacos are delicious, you have to ask for everything and they get to be a little expensive because all the toppings are the price of an extra. The guacamole is super chunky and tasty and the salsa's great. Have not tried without sour cream but probably pretty good. The burritos aren't quite as good, pretty runny.

La Corneta 469-8757 2834 Diamond St
? Salmon Burritos, Salmon Tacos, Veggie Burritos
Recommended salmon burritos. The fish taco is salmon and grilled. There's also a La Corneta at 2731 Mission, 643-7001 - don't know if it's the same food. Mentioned by David Goldsmith (

Victor's Inc 495-7018 210 Townsend St
? Cactus Burritos
Mentioned by Chris Bowden.

Taqueria ?? ? 24th St & Noe Valley
? Cactus Burritos
Don't have the name - mentioned by Chris Bowden.

Taqueria Vallarta 826-8116 3033 24th St
? Shrimp Burritos, Spicy Shrimp Burritos,..
Has a bunch of different shrimp burritos on their menu, and though their menu is curiously lacking in any tacos, I've seen them setup an outdoor taco shop for $2 at night that develops quite a gathering and looks great, though it's dead cow only. Even so, they have a variety of shrimp burritos on the menu inside.

Puerto Alegre 255-8201 546 Valencia
? Shrimp Tacos

Taylor's Refresher 866-328-3663 1 Ferry Plaza
? Spicy? Fish Tacos
According to citysearch: "Spicy fish tacos, delicious but a bit underwhelming, may not be quite up to all the hullabaloo."

Beach Chalet 386-8439 1000 Great Hwy (Route 1)
? Fish Tacos
According to their online menu, they have fish tacos, at least for brunch/lunch.

Tlaloc 981-7800 525 Commercial St
? Fish Tacos


Tango 20 447-7333 1777 Fulton St @ Masonic
Fish tacos, soyrizo, veggie/tofu tacos
I was excited to see that a fish taco place had opened up near my house! This seemed like a semi-upscale chain, but it's actually not a franchise.
The serve a large variety of less authentic but "fancy" tacos - with a plethora of salsas and toppings. If you like orange slices in your salsa, then this is the place for you. The menu includes items such as a Jamaican Taco, a Cuban Taco, with ingredients "chimayo citrus salsa," "green chili white beans" and "grilled achioiote chicken."
They actually do a great job of mixing flavors together, the fish taco (talapia) is quite tasty considering it's grilled. They also have a soyrizo burrito, and if you ask nicely, they can make a soyrizo taco. Also of note is their Ginger-Garlic Sweet Potato Fries which, while not exactly standard mexican fare, are fantastic.
Dairy warning: they use cheese when they grill the tortillas, and the guacomole has sour cream.

Outside SF

Joe's Taco Lounge & Salsaria 383-8164 382 Miller Ave, Mill Valley
? Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tostadas

Flying Fish Grill 650-712-1125 99 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay
Fish Tacos
Ian MacDowell says: Not a traditional mexican taco shop, this place is more of a traditional SF chowder shop with some Northern San Diego beach taco influences. It has all the traditional fare -- clam chowder, popcorn shrimp, crab cakes -- plus deep fried shrimp and fish tacos. Tortiallas and toppings are so-so, but the breading and shrimp are always good and hot.
Joe Gore <3-zero comcast net> says: Tiny joint in Half Moon Bay. The Flying Fish Grill makes a superb cod fish taco. They also have Mahi and shark too. Don't take my word for it. AAA magazine picked them as one of the best in the entire west.

Not anymore

The Tonga Room 772-5278 950 Mason St @ California
? Polynesian Fish Tacos
Pricey and kitschy bamboo lounge. They supposedly used to have "Polynesian Fish Tacos" but not anymore.

Butterfly 864-8999 1710 Mission St @ Duboce
? Fusion: Mu Shu Fish Tacos
Moved to Pier 33 and don't have the fish tacos anymore

Back whence we came