San Francisco Vegetarian Restaurant Submissions

I welcome any submissions for vegan/vegetarian/semi-vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco.

If it's just a suggestion, or just a "hello, thanks for the page!" you can email me.

But if it's a restaurant suggestion, why not recommend it to everyone?

Just send me a mini-review of the form:

  Scores: taste selection health vegan
  Text description...
The scores are from 0-5. So a cafe that only carries a few really yummy all-vegan items that are somewhat healthy might get the scores:
  4 2 3.5 5
As an example, here's my entry for Neecha's (don't know their vegan status):
Neecha's Thai
  4 3 3 2
  2100 Sutter St  @ Steiner
  I love the gluten satay.  This isn't a veggie restaurant, but they
  have a good veggie menu.
Please also let me know what name and/or email/URL you want to use to refer to you as the review writer. And send it all to me via email!

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