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I live in San Francisco, which has a better vegetarian selection than most cities, but it takes time to find the good ones. I started to keep a list online, and then people started to use it, and so it goes..

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2021/10/20: Souley Vegan - Mind-blowing Creole delicious hot mess!
2013/11/11: Curry Up Now - Gluten and Vegan menus!
2013/07/21: Alive! has closed!
2013/03/18: Source has a huge vegan and veggie menu
2013/??/??: Café Gratitude has closed in SF
2013/01/26: Green Papaya has vegan with fake meat options
2011/06/03: Udupi Palace is South Indian veggie/vegan
2011/03/22: Gracias Madre delivers up organic, vegan Mexican
2011/03/22: Weird Fish sadly cuts their menu!
2011/01/28: Loving Hut Vegan - new vegan *chain* restaurant!
2010/04/27: Chile Lindo Empanadas
2009/06/04: Three Twins Ice Cream with vegan ice cream
2008/06/26: Powersource Cafe downtown breakfast/lunch
2008/02/27: Weird Fish has unique veggie options!
2007/10/11: Underdog Organic Sausage
2007/05/20: Yummie House
2007/01/28: CLG Thai
2007/01/24: Bissap Baobab Senegalese
2007/01/18: Gestalt Haus vegan sausage
2006/11/28: Layonna Vegetarian chinese veggie!
2006/11/22: geranium has closed!
2006/04/16: Golden Era 2 New location!

Please send in your Suggestions/Submissions!

Note on 'Vegan' ratings. This is only my approximation at the amount of vegan fare on a menu - but please realize that many restaurants may be using butter or ghee (such as Indian/Ethiopian) and fish sauce (such as much SE Asian food). Caveat Emptor. (Thanks to Jim at for pointing this out)

Call first to make sure the restaurants haven't moved or closed!

Souley Vegan Louisiana Creole 415-237-6588 90 Charter Oak St also 475 6th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Two locations, take-out/delivery only. 6th St location phone is 415-237-6493 Wow. All vegan, Creole juicy deliciousness. My wife (non-vegan) and I got the "chicken" po'boy, the Dirty cajun fries and the Beignets. The po'boy and fries were both a big, delicious mess. So much flavor and juiciness. If you want a tidy meal, feel free to look somewhere else, but if you want deliciousness exploding in your mouth, you have to try this place. I haven't been able to eat Beignets in a couple decades, and when I bit into one of these I almost cried. I love to bake and cook dairy free versions of desserts, but I don't know how they did Beignets. Perfect. I might just be gluttonous enough to order a meal of Beignets some day. I will be back!

Golden Era Buddhist Vietnamese 673-3136 572 OFarrell St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Best pot stickers I've ever had, veggie or not. All food is excellent. Yum. Yum yum. Mmmmmmm.. This is probably my favorite restaurant, because I really like their variety of fake meats. Everything on the menu seems delicious, but I highly recommend the Spicy Gourmet Chicken, the Garlic Beef and the Mongolian Chicken. Did I mention how tasty their pot stickers are? Btw, as noted on the menu, the shrimp is not vegan, it contains egg or milk, I can't remember which.
Serves brown rice.

Golden Era 2 Buddhist Vietnamese 668-4888 832 Clement Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
There's a new Golden Era over on Clement!

Millenium Vegan American 345-3900 580 Geary St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Expensive, very classy healthy well-made food. This is one of SF's premiere veggie/vegan restaurants.
They use only local farmers and all food, beverages, spirits, and wine is organic.
For those of you who remember the Millenium before it moved to the Hotel California from the Abigail hotel, I finally got to visit to compare the two, and there are some differences. The restaurant is larger, brighter and more open. The menu is very similar though more expensive if my memory serves. The appetizers I tried were very fantastic, though the entrees I tried, while delicious, weren't as stunning as previous. The desserts were incredible, thanks to the talented Amy Pearce, even better than the previous Millenium desserts, which is saying a lot. They definitely have some of the best desserts, vegan or not, that I've tried, and the cannoli and chocolate cake is to die for.
If you were a previously a patron of the Millenium at the Abigail, I recommend trying the new Millenium, and if you do, please send me your comments. I'll be going back soon to try more.
Serves brown rice.

Greens Restaurant American/Zen 771-6222 Fort Mason, Building A
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Greens was opened by Zen Buddhists about 20 years ago. Their entire menu is veggie with lots of vegan. The view of the bay is incredible, the atmosphere is wonderful, the food is excellent, and the price matches it. Any tour of the veggie restaurants in SF needs to include greens.

Herbivore Veggie 826-5657 983 Valencia
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
All vegan, all the time. Many veggie's swear by it. It took a few trips for me before I started to like it, the food is really well-prepared but it doesn't have as much zing as my tastebuds like to see.
Serves brown rice.

Herbivore Veggie 885-7133 531 Divisadero
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Now open on Divisadero!

Minako Japanese home cooking 864-1888 2154 Mission
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This tiny organic sushi joint is a hidden gem. The menu is not exclusively vegan, but has vegan sections contains such items as vegan "eel" maki and vegan desserts. This is a mom/daughter operation, and it feels more like you've been invited over to someone's house for a fantastic dinner rather than a restaurant experience, so don't make the mistake of asking them to change the music. The service sets new records for being slow, so if you're looking for snappy restaurant service than you should take your business elsewhere, but if you don't mind the wait, and you are prepared to be a guest at one of tables of this family, then Minako is a must-try experience in San Francisco.
Serves brown rice.

Source Comfort Vegan/Vegetarian 864-9000 11 Division
Taste: ? Selection: Health: ? Vegan:
Haven't tried this yet, but it's got an impressive menu!

Jasmine Tea House Chinese 826-6288 3253 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Jessie L. says (and I mostly concur): Not exclusively veggie, but they have the best meatless chicken I've ever had, including the the Chinese New Year in Malaysia where they're renowned for their assortment of meatless meats. Comfortable, cheesy, mandarinified classical music, with dim, cozy lights. Staffed with dry humor. Food is not too greasy, menu is flexible. Endless supply of fortune cookies. The restaurant seems to inspire good, long conversations, according to Jessie, though she ads that it's also true when she's there by herself, so your mileage may vary.
Note: I checked the ingredients on the fortune cookies, and they have no milk, though I can't remember if they had egg.
Tip: Try the orange mock chicken. It's not on the menu, but it's the best dish they have!
Serves brown rice.

Gracias Madre Vegan Mexican 683-1346 2211 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
I'm surprised I didn't come across this place earlier. They are somewhat quiet about the fact that they are 100% organic and vegan, it's not even mentioned on the first page of their website like you might expect. The quality of ingredients is fantastic, the restaurant is run in co-operation with many of the Cafe Gratitude people, so this shouldn't be surprising. The selection is good and has many vegan options, but many of the dishes seem sadly incomplete to me. I ordered some tacos and while the composition was interesting (and the beans were perfect), it didn't have enough elements to really give it a diversity of texture and taste. To make things worse, for some reason our "To Go" order was missing salsa. Don't know if that was an oversight, or just part of the minimalist style of their food. Getting a chance to have some vegan Mexican Wedding Cookies was a delight, though. Worth checking out if you like simple food made with very high quality ingredients.

Big Lantern Dim Sum Chinese Veggie and Dim Sum 863-8100 3170 16th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
Just discovered this place by chance, and it turns out they have a huge selection of fake meats and sauces to go with it. They have full dishes (such as Sesame Meatless Chicken, general Tsao's Chicken,...) as well as Dim Sum (which I actually haven't tried yet). They also deliver late, they have a menu online and can fax a menu if needed. They're also quite friendly and helpful, and they gave me a discount because it was my first time ordering from them. They have meatless chicken as well as meatless ham, which is frighteningly and deliciously ham-like, except for the fact that it has the texture and shape of little tofu cubes. The sauces are great, and they have sesame balls, too.

Cha-Ya Vegan Japanese 252-7825 762 Valencia St
Taste: Selection: ? Health: Vegan:
Cha-Ya has existed in Berkeley and it just opened in SF (04/16/2006). They have a selection of vegan sushi as well as some udon and soups. I've only been once, and had some great sushi and some hearty soup, though it was a bit basic. They also make a good vegan cake. I'll definitely be back.

Green Papaya Vietnamese 348-8882 825 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This is a Vietnamese/Sushi place, and while I generally frown upon restaurants that offer multiple types of Asian cuisine, they have a very vegan/veggie friendly menu, with a full set of veggie dishes (marked vegan as appropriate) using fake meats. Try the lemongrass vegan chicken stir fry, it's quite delicious.

Xanath Ice Cream Ice Cream Parlor 648-8996 949 Valencia St
Taste: ? Selection: Health: ? Vegan:
A new organic ice cream parlor opened up in the Mission and has non-dairy flavors, which seems exciting, until you realize they use the same scoop for non-dairy and dairy ice creams. Bummer.

Three Twins Ice Cream Ice Cream Parlor ITS-TWIN 254 Fillmore St
Taste: ? Selection: Health: Vegan:
Very tiny ice cream parlor with only 8 flavors, but they have vegan ice cream. Unfortunately they generally only have one vegan flavor, and to make things worse, they aren't careful about food separation at all, and when I went in there were pieces of the regular ice cream sitting on top of the vegan selection. Bummer.

Yummie House Veggie & Ice Cream Restaurant 933-8938 6903 Geary Blvd
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Ice cream, tapioca, and a dim-sum style menu which has a large number of veggie-fied asian food. It's not clearly marked, but, for example, the fried chicken pieces are actually fried gluten. Everything on the menu is supposedly veggie (though not vegan), and I noticed that they did sell a few items with gelatine, so it's not 100%. But it's good food, and it's a quaint "local" atmosphere. The tapioca drinks are also excellent, and very fresh, mostly made from fruit and the like, as opposed to powder. Try the Rainbow Angel drink, very tasty.

Weird Fish Weird Fish and Veggie/Vegan Food 863-4744 2193 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Tragedy! Weird Fish has changed their menu, seemingly chopping off more than half of the items. No longer do they have my favorites, the vegan buffalo wings or the vegan cheesecake. Their menu has been severely cut back, and evidently sometimes contains vegan tacos, and sometimes not. So I've dropped their "selection" from two stars to one. Looks like I won't be heading back much anymore. The old review follows:
Interesting otherwise-fish joint has a number of excellent veggie and vegan selections, such as vegan buffalo wings (gluten free batter available!) a vegan fish and chips, as well as some fantastic veggie tacos. Check out the Yam and spinach taco for a treat. The vegan cheesecake is the bomb. The soy cheese is actually vegan, though sadly the horchata is not. Be warned that they have vegan and non-vegan versions of the same item, and sometimes the kitchen isn't as careful as you might want. I've received non-vegan items after ordering vegan more than once. :-(

Judahlicious Juice Bar 665-8423 3906 Judah St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This juice bar is not all vegan, but they have some vegan smoothies that are fantastic. I tried the classic OJ/Strawberries/etc.., and it was somehow supersweet without sugar, the way I like it. They also carry some raw foods/desserts, the owner is trying to figure out his menu, so now would be a good time to go in with suggestions. I got to try the raw vegan pizza, which was excellent. It's not quite as good as Cafe Gratitude, but that's not saying much considering how good Gratitude is.
They used to carry Maggie Mudd vegan ice cream and shakes, but now they have their own raw vegan soft serve which is phenomenal. It's by far the best raw vegan ice cream I've had, so they've got Cafe Gratitude beat on that count, and they even make delicious vegan waffle cones. Hallelujah.
Definitely worth checking out, and see Feel Real and the organic grocery all within a block.

Curry Up Now Indian/Fusion Street Food 735-3667 659 Valencia St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Wow! This otherwise unassuming Indian Street Food hip joint (that is a bit on the fusion side with tacos and burritos and interesting twists on Indian dishes) is incredibly dietary friendly, with a separately printed vegan menu and a separate gluten free menu, both which are of comparable size to the full menu. The reason the rating for "selection" is not higher than 3.5 stars is because the selection is not as big as your general Indian restaurant with dozens of Indian dishes, but you won't have a difficult time finding something delicious to eat here. I'm excited to go back!

Kowloon Buddhist Chinese Dim Sum 837-0982 909 Grant Ave
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Extremely cheap, and great if you get the buffet, all the dim sum is on the buffet for an extremely low price. The Gluten based meats are kind of sloppy, but I like them that way. Open 10a-9:30p (no MSG)
UPDATE: 10/2001: Kowloon is closed. :-(
UPDATE: 2002: Kowloon is re-opened!. It's new management, and it's half-vegan, half-meat now, with a much smaller menu, and no more buffet - I haven't tried it yet. If you have, please let me know. UPDATE: 2005: I'm hearing a report that Kowloon is closed again. Does anyone know for sure?

Lucky Creation Vegetarian Chinese Vegetarian 989-0818 854 Washington
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Downscale, good cheap food. Crowded at lunch. Personally I liked the old Kowloon's gluten better, but I've had many tell me they like Lucky Creation's gluten more than any other Bay locatoin.
Here's an extensive review courtesy RichiesPicks
UPDATE: 3/2005: Lucky Creation is not closed. I was informed by 'versusmyadidas' that they sometimes close for a couple weeks once or twice a year, so they sometimes seem closed. Call first!

Love 'N Haight Deli & Cafe Deli/Cafe 252-8190 553 Haight St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This deli has many fake meats, such as pepper steak, mock duck, chicken, etc.. They make a large selection of sandwiches and salads, most veggie, and many marked vegan (they even note which of their breads are vegan.) They also have a good selection of chips/snacks and drinks.

Medicine Eat Station Zen "Shojin" Cuisine 677-4405 161 Sutter St
Taste: ? Selection: Health: Vegan:
If you've ever wanted to eat like a Zen Buddhist Monk, then you can eat at this mostly traditional but hipster "shojin" restaurant. The menu is fairly expensive from a portions perspective, but you'll find things here that don't otherwise exist in San Francisco. Seating is first come first serve at large communal tables, yet they still manage to make it feel reasonably private for couples or groups. Their menu warns about some items having more "challenging" flavors for some diners, but don't let it scare you off unless you've wandered into the restaurant from off the street by mistake. I've only tasted some of their appetizers, so expect more of a review in a week or two.

Yum Yum House Chinese 861-8698 581 Valencia St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This is yet another restaurant that is gracious enough to let you substitute mock chicken in the menu. The sauces are pretty good, but the mock chicken is very fried, so it's tasty but not too healthy. I'm told the owners are friends with the owners at the Jasmine Tea House, and there are many similarities, but I like the selection and taste of the mock chicken at Jasmine a bit more, but the orange chicken and five flavor chicken sauces were tasty, and in the heart of the Mission it's closer for many people.
Serves brown rice.

Angkor Borei Cambodian 550-8417 3471 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
The veggie menu has a bunch of mock meats. The curry is excellent. I haven't gone here enough yet, but the Peanut Duck is fantastic. Most of the other dishes are mushroom and/or vegetable heavy, which isn't quite my style, but the sauces are great.

Royal Kitchen Chinese 824-4219 3253 Mission St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
Huge portions of food for cheap. You will be stuffed like a pig.
Update 11/6/2001: I've been told that they've reopened under a new name and new mgmt, and the food isn't as good. :(

Neecha's Thai Thai 922-9419 2100 Sutter St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
I love the gluten satay (though I confess I haven't asked yet if the peanut sauce is veggie). This isn't a veggie restaurant, but they have a good veggie menu.

Rotee Indian 552-8309 400 Haight St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Not exclusively veggie, but they are generally veggie aware and can modify *some* of their dishes to be vegan. Other than that their horribly pun-riddled menu is low in vegan fare, but of particular note is the Biryani which is the best Biryani I've ever had, and the reason they are being listed here. They can also make vegan Aloo Palak which is surprising since most Palak dishes have cream.

Modern Thai Thai 922-8424 1247 Polk St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
They have a veggie menu that you sometimes have to ask for.

Saw„/Sawa Coffee Shop African.. 441-8182 1655 Divisadero St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
African restaurant shop opened up right near my house, and about half the menu is vegetarian. It's not much of a coffee shop anymore, but Divis is infiltrated with Coffee shops anyways...
This has the best African that I've tried in SF. The food can take a long time to arrive, but it's worth waiting for.
If you don't mind a little oil, try the veggie sambusa appetizer, it's delicious and my meat friends tell me it's even better than the meat sambusa (though the lentil sambusa is somewhat plain). Like any african restaurant, the best way to go is to bring many friends and eat family style off of one of their massive platters.
They have a dish I haven't seen anywhere else called Hilbt, and it is very good. Very, very good. That's two "verys" which translates to a whole lotta good. The description doesn't make it sound good ("whipped fava beans"??), but it is. Did I mention how good it was? Unfortunately it's not on their menu anymore, but if you call up in advance and ask very nicely, they might make it for you.

Valentine's Cafe Thai, Mexican, Italian.. 285-2257 1793 Church Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: 4?
Small menu, tiny place, but pretty good
Update 11/6/2001: Valentine's has closed and opened as an Asian-fusion noodle place - they still had the vegan-happy brunch menu recently, but don't know if that's going to stay that way.

Club Waziema Ethiopian food 346-6641 543 Divisadero St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This bar also doubles as an "all-you-can-eat" ($6.50) restaurant.
The food is actually pretty decent (though I still prefer most of the other African restaurants) but the service can be very slow.

Cafe Ethiopia Ethiopian/Sandwiches 285-2728 878 Valencia St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
This is a deli, and it looks like one too, but the food is fantastic African. Update! They have remodeled, they removed the sandwich side of their business and they now look like a restaurant. The service can be a bit snippy, but the food is good.

New Ganges Vegetarian Restauarant Indian 681-4355 (old: 661-7290) 775 Frederick St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: 4?
Their hours are weird, call before you go.
This restaurant has changed hands (and quality) many times. I haven't tried it recently.
Dr Edelstein adds: The music was too loud, though they graciously turned it down. The owner made recommendations, and food took less than 20 minutes to be served. I was good-tasting and largely standard vegetarian Indian fare. The brown rice is not genuine, it is basmati with sauces/spices.

Samila Thai Thai 752-4310 5336 Geary Blvd
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
This narrow restaurant has great atmosphere and fantastic service. The food was on our table right after we ordered it, though a word of caution, there was a short wait for a table even in the middle of the afternoon. This is one of my new favorites.

Ananda Fuara Indian/American 621-1994 1209 Market St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: 4?
Strange atmosphere - some people really like the cuisine, it isn't quite for me.
Serves brown rice.

Barney's Gourmet Hamburger Hamburgers 563-0307 3344 Steiner St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
With a selection of GardenBurger (has milk) and Wildwood Tofu burgers (vegan) this otherwise not veggie place gets kudos. I tried the Carribean Tofu (with Jerk sauce) and it was good. It's too bad they don't have more juicy selections like Saturn in Santa Cruz.
Laura B says: great tofu burger...i think it's the wildwood brand? anyway, they can make it anyway you like's reallly good with artichoke hearts and sauteed mushrooms. the fried vegetable basket is a delicious heart attack waiting to happen. and i do mean heart attack. and i do mean delicious. i wish they made non-dairy milkshakes but the fact that it's a burger place that serves both tofu AND garden burgers gets it 4 stars from me. stay away from the falafel though, super funky!!!
Update: Mallory G. read the ingredients for Barney's in San Rafael and they list "partially hydrogenated / and or meat fat" for their french fries. Bummer. Wake up Barney's!

Juicy Lucy's Organic Juice & Food Bar 786-1285 703 Columbus Ave
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
If you're looking for a place where you can drink a fresh, organic smoothie from a stone bowl while sitting on a hay bale, then Juicy Lucy is the place for you. They have a small selection of sandwiches, salads and raw foods, all vegan, and all very fresh. Their smoothie selection, on the other hand, is quite large. I tried a cool mint smoothie and a tamari tofu sandwich and they were both very comforting and well made.
Steve Wyrostok says: On the raw food side, very very clean. Kind of a hippie place, would fit in Bolinas ;)
Update 2/4/2003: I am mailed a nice letter by the restaurant:
I just wanted to let you know that I exist. Juicey Lucy's-San Francisco's only all organic juice and food bar has been at the corner of of Columbus & Filbert in the heart of North Beach for the past 6 years. I'm proud to say that I have been featured in Gourmet magazine,Lonely Planet's " world food cuisine" book, San Francisco magazine, Italy, Japan, Europe,South Afr ica and many more.

Layonna Vegetarian Restaurant Veggie Chinese 666-3883 1829 Clement St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Opened Nov 2006.
Right across from Bok Choy is a sister to Layonna in Oakland. Lots of fake meats, but nothing that knocked my socks off, pretty basic Chinese fare with a variety of tofus and such. Perhaps I just prefer my chinese mock meat to be deep fried. I tried the abalone as mentioned by Mary Allen (below) and was surprised with how strange and slippery it actually was to eat.
Mary Allen says: We had: Sesame Chicken, sauteed string beans, abalone w/greens, Mandarin beef, steamed pot stickers, brown rice.
All of it was excellent. The abalone was difficult to eat w/ chopsticks because it was sliced thin and was slippery.
I'd give it 5 stars in all categories
Serves brown rice.

Red Victorian Peace Cafe Vegetarian Cafe 864-1978 1665 Haight St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Also a bed and breakfast, the Red Vic is definitely fitting in with the aura of Haight Street. If you can't do milk, then the menu suddenly shrinks surprisingly, but they do have some eclectic items that are interesting to try.

Caterers / Personal Chefs

Jesse Miner Vegan Personal Chef 650-274-8089 San Francisco
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan:
Jesse is one of the original contributors to this list, and his knowledge and expertise of vegan food is staggering. After graduating from Bauman, he's become a high-end personal vegan chef. More info on his website.

Not Quite Veggie comic

Houston's American Restaurant 392-9280 1800 Montgomery
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This place, while a fish/steak joint and while a chain, has the best veggie burger I've tried in SF. It's "homemade" - and a large juicy bean burger with all the fixin's - plus their homecut fries are excellent. Unfortunately the burger also weighs in at $12. But if you're looking for a great burger (and a decent enough place by the wharf to bring friends for fish), then it's worth a try. Back in 1995 they had a great dish called the "California Salad" that was off the menu but still available. I'll have to call someday and check on that.

Chile Lindo Empanadas Empanadas 621-6108 2944 16th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
It doesn't get much simpler than this. They serve empanadas and.. empanadas. There are only three on the menu, beef, veggie and vegan. If you're looking for a "homemade" vegan empanada (uses Yves meatless), then this can't be beat. The price is a bit high, $5 for an empanada which, in itself, is not a meal, but it's worth checking out.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill Sausage Grill 437-6851 545 Haight St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
So, yes, this is a sausage grill, and they make sandwiches with sausage, but their menu has a spicy vegan sausage option (don't know if the bread is vegan). They could do a better job of keeping vegan/non-vegan items seperate on the grill, but the vegan sausage (tofurky based?) with peppers and onions is quite good, and kudos for adding a non-meat item to their menu.

Underdog Organic Sausage Joint 665-8881 1634 Irving St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
They have 4 vegan and 4 veggie sausages. Please note that the "new" veggie sausages listed *under* the list of vegan sausages are *not* vegan (egg whites). Cute small place with a bunch of sausage and organic snacks. Could use some more condiments.

Gestalt Haus Vegan Sausage, Beer Haus ???-???? 3159 16th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
I got to try this place. It's sad that we lost World Sausage Grill but got Gestalt because the selection is so much smaller, and there are almost no condiments. It has an interesting bar atmosphere. Suggested by Ant LaVia

Moki's Sushi and Pacific Grill Sushi and Grill 970-9336 830 Cortland Ave
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Review by abby trouble: Several vegan maki rolls including one called the Kahuna Roll which has mango, tofu and macadamia nuts. Ask the friendly staff about which rolls are vegan. Lots of vegan small plates including one frequently on the special's menu: a vegan spring roll with a peanut dipping sauce. Sometimes there's a wait, but it's always worth it.

Jay's Cheesesteak Cheesesteak 285-5200 3285 21st Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
If you like Cheesesteak, you'll love this place. It has good, greasy food in the cheesesteak and fries family, in particular a veggie cheesesteak sandwich!

Jay's Cheesesteak Cheesesteak 771-5104 553 Divisadero
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Jay's just opened up shop in my neighborhood!

Atlas Cafe Cafe 648-1047 3049 20th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Has some nice veggie things (tofu sandwich and vegan soups).

Amira Pan-Arabic Cuisine 621-6213 590 Valencia St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This place isn't specifically veggie, but the word "vegan" is scattered throughout their menu. On top of that, the atmosphere is great, and they have belly dancing and live music Tues-Sun!

Great India Restaurant Indian/Pakistani 751-4433 6127 Geary Blvd
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Solid indian food, very vegan conscious and willing to adapt for dietary needs.
Laura B says: hot damn delicious vegan selections ... plus, the aloo paratha (delicious wheat potato onion bread) was the best i've ever had, vegan or not. it's CHEAP too, $6.95 got me one LARGE dish that included rice or naan. lots of places do not give you rice or naan with the dish, making you pay extra! but not at great india! holy crap, i'm loving this place!!! plus, the buffet at $6.45 was super cheap and there were lots of veggie selections (all delicious!!!)

Eliza Chinese 648-9999 1457 18th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: 4?
Not enough veggie, but the food is excellent authentic chinese. Another (related?) at 621-4819 / 2877 California St

Maharani Indian 775-1988 1122 Post St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: 4?
Good spicy dishes - fantastic atmosphere

King Of Thai Noodle House Thai 752-5198 639 Clement St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Good Pad Thai.

Chaat Cafe Indian 979-9943 3rd and Folsom
Taste: ? Selection: Health: Vegan:
The majority of the Chaat Cafe menu is a number of Indian wraps. Unfortunately the wraps are wrapped in naan, which contains milk, so there's not really much option here for Vegans.
Recommended by Roger Brewer <rcdbrewer at msn com>


Saha Arabic "Fusion" 345-9547 1075 Sutter St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Rochelle says: I love this place, their menu is a balance of meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan. The food is wonderfully spiced. The dishes are inventive without being "scary". Nice white tablecloth atmosphere, good music that's not played to loud. They have a three course prix fixe for $30 which is a good deal given the quality of the food. Try it soon!

Pakwan Pakistani/Indian food 255-2440 and 776-0160 3182 16th St.
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Also: 501 O'Farrell St @ Jones
Recommended by Andrew Dickinson: My favorite Indian place, by far. Food is *not* cooked to order, so I don't think they're cooking for the American palate. I far prefer this over the lame-ass, watered down Indian food you get at a lot of places.
Good selection of veggie entrees (8, maybe?), but they have meat, too. A favorite of most of my vegan friends. There's only one non-vegan veggie dish on the menu. Cafestyle. You walk up, order your food, then bus your own table. Very low-key. Spicy, tasty, unique food (I recommend the Mirsch Salan -- hot peppers in tamarind sauce). Mmmmmm....
No liquor license, but you can bring your own beer from the store across the street.
Update from Dave: I tried this place, and it's pretty good, but I can't rave about it like Andy so I lowered the scores. He gave it 5 stars for taste though.

Haven't Tried

Indochine Vegan Cuisine ? 5 ? 5 508 Valencia St Its all vegan. Havent tried it yet.

Win Garden ? ? ? ? 2794 Diamond St @ Chenery They have an entire section in their menu for meatless chicken as well
as a section for veggie & tofu. I haven't tried it, but I hear reports that the meatless chicken is quite good.

Udupi Palace ? ? ? ? 1007 Valencia St South Indian cuisine is one of my favorites, though its hard to find one
that I can be sure doesn't use any ghee, butter or cow milk. This restaurant is all-veggie and marks which dishes are not vegan, so I'll have to try it soon. Have you tried it? Let me know your review.

Little Bird Coffeehouse ? ? ? ? 835 Geary St. Reviewed by Jenalee Harmon:
They have a small selection of food, but everything is local and/or organic and everything is vegetarian! Also, almost all items can be prepared vegan as well. They have a really great gluten-free blue corn waffle with fresh fruits that's super delicious!

Loving Hut Vegan Asian Vegan 731-1957 524 Irving St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
This is a new vegan chain of restaurants? Fantastic! Have to go try it soon.

CLG: Chili Lemon Garlic Thai 826-8199 518 Bryant Street
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Moved (from 24th)
Most dishes can be made with fake meat Delivers.

Bs' BBQ & Grill BBQ 525-3419 855 Divisadero St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
There's something to be said for a down-home BBQ and grill that offers up vegan stir fry as well as portobello sandwiches. Serious meat avoiders may find the smell difficult to stomach and may need to get their food to go.

Sunrise Cafe Cafe 206-1219 3126 24th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Jaeson from says: They have tofu scrambles and vegan pupusas. The strawberry jam is homemade.

St. Francis Fountain & Candy Cafe w/ vegan options 826-4200 2801 24th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Jaeson from says: Lots of vegan options including veggie burgers, chili, grilled veg sandwich, tofu scrambles. They also server vegan milkshakes and even a vegan Guiness float! Very cool retro diner feel to the place.

Powersource Juice Bar and Cafe Juice and Sandwich Cafe 896-1312 81 Fremont St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Only open for breakfast and lunch M-F. Sandwiches, rice bowls, juice,

Big Mouth Burger Hamburgers 821-4821 3392 24th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
So, it's not a veggie joint, but Julia tells me (does she work for them?? :) "They make the best veggie burger I've ever had. With avocado, cheese and a whole wheat bun - the assemblage nears perfection. I think its only a Garden Burger patty, I have no idea how they get it to master the delicate balance between moistness and resistance."

Ike's Place Brunch/Lunch 726-5292 3506 16th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Vegan/veggie friendly. Vegan sausage, tofu scramble, 6 vegan burgers, etc..

Lettus Organic Veggie-optional 931-2985 3352 Steiner St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Mostly organic, and most items are veggie optional.

Bissap Baobab Senegalese Food 826-9287 2323 Mission St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Has some cheap veggie dishes.

Pa-Raw-Dise Organic raw vegan ???-???? 587? Post
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Carolyn says: Worth checking out! Food was really good. Serviced was great. The hours are 11-2 and 5:30 to 9:30 and they are closed on Mondays.

Warakabune Japanese 252-8383 307 Church St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Has udon/ramen with vegan broth.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant Mostly Asian/Chinese 682-0826 754 Kirkham Street
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
This is the old Hulu House location.
Restaurant says: "We use the highest quality and healthiest ingredients in our dishes, with less oil and no MSG. We respect all life in the world; we don't serve meat or seafood. Complying with Buddhist vegetarian principles, we don't use garlic and onion in our dishes. We also don't use eggs and dairy products."
Laura B says: lunch specials were SO cheap...$5.50 includes large main dish, rice, spring roll and soup! and it's A LOT of really yummy food. the appetizers were all really good, too...try the curry triangles...they are like delicious samosas in phyllo dough, fantastic! The dining room doesn't have tons of atmosphere but it's really clean and the whole place just feels shiny and new. i will definitely be back.
Dennis (foxpen at yahoo com) says: Too much oil was used to favor dishes I had.
kathy.keller at comcast says: I love this restaurant! My favorite dish is "sea bass" and eggplant. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Chocolate Covered Chocolate 641-8123 3977 24th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Laura B says: fantastic selections of chocolates from all over the world (lots of vegan kinds too! yay!) and both jack (the awesome owner) and pali know TONS about chocolate and can point you in the direction of that which will calm whatever chocoholic craving you might be having.

Mekong Thai Thai 928-2772 791 OFarrell St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
RobertR says: 5 Stars. Will make almost all menu items vegan, no fish sauce. Traditional slow cooked curries. Wonderful service, nice decor. I highly reccomend.

Mango Medley Desserts?? ???-???? 3911 Judah St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
I heard this was a dessert place, but I don't know more than that. They have great small dishes and desserts, but unfortunately lots has milk (such as mango with sticky rice) and they didn't realize there was milk in what I was eating until I had asked many times. Not a good place to go if you have dietary restrictions. Closed Mondays.

One Taste Juice bar / vegan raw cafe 503-1100 1074 Folsom St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Open Mon-Fri till late, has a small menu up on their site of sandwiches and juice and soups, much like the mini Urban Forage. They call themselves an 'urban retreat center' - offering yoga, massage and a philosophy of life.

Estela's Sandwiches Sandwiches 864-1850 250 Fillmore St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Neighbor to the now-defunct mini Urban Forage, this sandwich shop has a whole list of veggie sandwiches, though most of them include cheese. Salads also available.

Tasana Thai Thai 664-7603 339 Taraval
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
(Dinners only)
My friend Adam says: Excellent service, and really, really delicious food. All the veggies were crisp, and the food is made fresh (veggies aren't even cut until each person orders). Separate vegetarian menu.

Shangri La Vegetarian Chinese 731-2548 2026 Irving St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: says: This restaurant has a variety of well-prepared fresh, tasty Chinese foods. I highly recommend all of the spicy savory items, the Hot and Sour Soup (which can have egg upon request), the gluten on an iron plate, the Shanghai noodles are excellent, perfectly crunmchy. They also have a deli case to take home the flavored glutens and bao.
They also have an extensive medicinal menu and they're cheap!

Bamboo ? ? 1441 Polk
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?

Serves brown rice.

Vege House Asian/Vietnamese veggie? 668-0608 309 Sixth Ave
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
All veggie, cheap, tiny takeout, flavored tofus and mock meat.

Legume International Menu 401-7668 4042 24th St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
? Hours: 11-10, daily.

Now and Zen Gourmet Vegetarian Bistro & Bakery Continental/Asian/low-fat 922-9696 1826 Buchanan Street
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
I'm told that this is now a wholesale operation only

Outside San Francisco

Pizza Plaza Vegan/Veggie Pizza 510-420-1433 6211 Shattuck Ave
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
I don't normally list stuff outside SF, but this is a pizza joint that only lists vegan and vegetarian options.

Golden Lotus Buddhist Vietnamese 510-893-0383 1301 Franklin St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
This is the Oakland parent to the Golden Era, the menu is almost exactly the same. Yum.

Ital Calabash Vegan Jamaican 510-836-4825 1405 Franklin St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Liz says: Right near Golden Lotus! Weird hours. Yummy yummy smoothies, try the no-meat treat. It's tiny, more prep than actually cooking. Great ambiance, all vegan, low salt. Service is slow. Interesting side note, they don't like to touch your money, using a cloth to take money and put it in the register.

New World Vegetarian Restaurant Buddhist 510-444-2891 464 8th Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Generally I'd avoid mentioning restaurants outside of SF, but this one is of particular note. The dishes are delicious (though some dishes are lighter in fake meat than I'd prefer). The dishes are *almost* all vegan, though they have an exception or two, be sure to ask. The desserts are a treat as well, I recommend trying their taro root tapioco seaweed potato rice dish thingy. It's delicious and disturbing.

No longer around

Alive! Organic Raw Vegan 923-1052 1972 Lombard
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Considering the fare, it would be impossible to not compare this to Café Gratitude. Unfortunately it doesn't quite measure up. The prices are the same, but the selection is smaller and I wasn't as impressed with the food, though it's still very well done. The dessert selection, while also small, had some excellent choices worth checking out.
The restaurant itself is a small storefront on Lombard, and has a very simple and clean layout.
If you're looking for some variety or you're into raw, it's worth a try.
Also known as the "Lombard Coffee Shop". Closed Mon/Tues.

Café Gratitude Raw Vegan 824-4652 2400 Harrison St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Café Gratitude in SF has closed!
Thanks to Judy from Minako I found Café Gratitude just as they had opened in early 2004. Café Gratitude offers live raw food, the menu is 100% vegan and all raw (except for rice, quinoa and ??). When I first visited this place I was overwhelmed with the positive energy that I found. The prices are slightly higher than normal veggie, but quite reasonable for raw foods, and it's worth it. The menu selection is quite large and all of the items have names like I Am Graceful and I Am Trusting. They carry plates of food as well as desserts, juices and "frozen nut cremes" which you hand crank at your table. The "I Am Passionate" pizza must be tried, as well as any of their dessert offerings. Café Gratitude is definitely on the short list of San Francisco vegetarian experiences.

Café Gratitude Raw Vegan 824-4652 1336 9th Ave
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
Cafe Gratitude in SF has closed (the Berkeley location may still exist?)
Café Gratitude has a new location, as well as a Berkeley (Shattuck @ Virginia) location.

Maggie Mudd Ice Cream Parlor 641-5291 903 Cortland Ave
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
If you're near Bernal Heights, or even if you're not, you need to check out Maggie Mudd's for dessert. They have a large selection of home made vegan ice cream. They rotate through them and put about 10 flavors up on the menu. They can make shakes, and I'm told their waffle cone is vegan as well.

Bok Choy (a.k.a. Vegi Food) Chinese Vegan 387-8111 1820 Clement
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED 11/01/2008?
Personally I wasn't that impressed with this place. They gave me a lot of food, but it didn't blow me away with flavor. Some people don't agree with me though, Bok Choy does have it's fans.

Asiana Garden Vietnamese 510-848-5959 1841 Euclid Avenue
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
CLOSED 01/13/2007
They feature veggie meats that are well integrated into the dish. (Thanks Tim Tai - timktai yahoo)

Feel Real Organic Vegan Cafe Organic Vegan 504-7325 4001 Judah St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED 10/29/2007
Very organic, very vegan, very laid back. Menu prices are sliding scale. If you're deep in the Sunset, you're in luck! This compelling and mellow cafe has an assortment of very homemade dishes, and it's located near the 3900 block of Judah, which seems to be a health paradise, with the Judahlicious right near by. They're open for breakfast and all day, excluding a 3-5 siesta. Location has a mock tuna sandwich and many mushroom or tempeh dishes and salads. One of the salads is described: "such an experience, were not going to put a price on it. Pay what you think its worth."
Review by Jesse: My tempeh sandwich was DELICIOUS! The tempeh was well-seasoned and cooked just right. It was served with some greens and onions and some sort of garlic spread on a heavenly focaccia bun. Definitely seems like a cafe with a small menu. The guys who run the place are a trip, very laid back and spiritual. Overall I dug the atmosphere for a casual lunch.
Serves brown rice.

Straits Cafe Singaporean-Fusion 668-1783 3300 Geary Blvd
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
This menu has almost *nothing* veggie on it at first glance, but the Roti Prata and the Samosas are unbelievable appetizers, and most importantly they can make the Mee Goreng without shrimp (with egg) and it is heavenly. Very classy place with classy food. (Another Straits is in Palo Alto)
Note: If you don't do fish make sure to get the *veggie* Roti Prata, otherwise the curry has fish or oyster sauce.

geranium Vegetarian Comfort Food 647-0118 615 Cortland St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
I've been waiting for the restaurant near Maggie Mudd's to open, and evidently it did today. Jennifer (jyoung at hkinsf dot com) says: The lunch selection looks small, 4 starters including a raw almond roll, 5 sandwiches including a veggie meatloaf, bbq seitan, and a blt. And for dinner you get a choice of Vodka Penne, Grilled Pizza, Thai Tofu Rice b owl, or a Romaine salad with grilled seitan. There is also a note to ask your server about today's vegan choices. The drinks are pretty run of the mill coffees, teas and bottled stuff (nothing specially made). Don't know about the dinner menu.
Jessica of adds: they have many vegan options but the food wasn't that great.
Lulu adds: Lovely service, great salad with beets. The veg meatloaf is not exciting but not bad, stir fry with rice cake is yummy, but the cherry dessert is not. Prices reasonable.

World Sausage Grill Sausage Grill 621-7488 2073 Market
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Review by abby trouble: I wouldn't think to even walk into a sausage place, but they had a sign in the window. They have 4 different kinds of vegan sausages: beer brat, sweet italian, veggie chicken, and polish kabasa. They have a variety of sauses, including artichoke or wasabi soyonaise. very friendly staff.

Reggae Runnins Caribbean Vegan 922-2442 505 Divisadero
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
How many places have items like vegan jerk chicken?
Unfortunately, the pieces of jerk chicken in the meal are small, and the rest of the meal was just okay. Interesting place, though.
Serves brown rice.

Joubert's Restaurant Vegi South African 753-5448 4115 Judah Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
Wonderful restaurant with excellent food. See the web site for the menu. They have a convincing vegi sausage, a vast array of tasty chutneys, and their menu is very vegan-conscious.
Note: it looks like they've added meat to their menu.
Serves brown rice.

Royal Thai Thai 386-1795 951 Clement St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
CLOSED Decent veggie selection, good food. But the real trick is realizing that they can make anything on their menu with mock chicken (gluten or tofu) if you just ask. Their mock chicken isn't great (and I'm not a tofu fan) but the dishes well make up for it.

Kaleva Veggie/Vegan Indian 348-1381 35 6th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED This all veggie/vegan indian restaurant just opened in the old Haveli Hindu space downtown. The owner cares deeply about his food and is very allergy/vegan conscious (for example, he makes dairy-free saag and you can then get saag paneer with cheese or with tofu "paneer"). Everything is made fresh, and they're open late on weekends.
The food is good, but I wouldn't mind some more spice - I'll have to try to ask for it next time. Of particular note is their tasty types of naan, which are vegan! (Most naan has dairy). As with most Indian veggie, they use vegetables/legumes/tofu as a base instead of mock meats to make their curries - so don't expect to see a veggie curried chicken here.
Jesse Miner says: They serve Northern and Southern Indian. Prices are cheap and there's a good variety of yummy dishes. Not as spicy as some Indian restaurants.

Hulu House Vegetarian Restaurant Mostly Asian/Chinese 682-0826 756 Kirkham
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
RE-OPENED AS ENJOY VEGETARIAN Maria Markoff says: Small place. Probably family run. Probably mostly/all vegan. Food is very tasty. Good, interesting flavors. well presented. I highly recommend it. Dave says: I finally got to try this place. It's a buddhist style menu with mock meats, much like a Golden Era in the the Sunset (though I still prefer Golden Era). Really great food!
Serves brown rice.

Ya Mo Thai Veggie Thai 553-8911 3406 18th St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED A narrow little 'hallway' restaurant could be charming and hip if it wasn't for the fact that the food doesn't pan out. When I dropped by, they were out of a number of ingredients, not to mention all of their takeout containers. That would be completely forgivable if it wasn't for the food. The food is bland and unexciting. It would be nice to support an all veggie (almost all vegan) Thai restaurant if it wasn't that there is so much veggie food to be found at normal Thai restaurants that tastes so much better. I tried the Pad Khi Mao and it was almost burnt and the only flavor it seemed to impart was that of cast iron skillet. Maybe it was a bad night - if anyone else has tried food here that turned out, please let me know.

Urban Forage 2 Vegan cafe 252-1000 561 Valencia
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED Urban Forage recently (May'04) opened up this new location with a much larger menu, it's more of a complete restaurant now as opposed to just a sandwich/juice shop. I finally got a chance to try it out (Dec'04) and was happily surprised. The menu is very different from the Fillmore site, it has very little raw food with many more options. It's similar to the Herbivore, it has less variety of styles of food than Herbivore, but I think it's tastier. They also have (very expensive) vegan truffles which are a delight for serious chocolatiers.
Lulu adds: Went in on a very quiet day and waited almost a half hour just to order. The service was terrible and they were playing loud music, so they left.
Anonymous adds: The atmosphere is very relaxed and kid-friendly. We like the decor and the selection is huge--all vegan with a mix of raw food and cooked food. So far, we have really liked the manwitch and the urban burger (both cooked), an amazing carob drink with chili pepper in it, and the fundae (cashew cream, vegan brownie and strawberry sauce). The service is kinda relaxed, but pretty friendly.

Urban Forage Raw vegan cafe 255-6701 254 Fillmore St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED Raw food, cooked/raw soups, salads, wraps, desserts, juices. They also have meditation, yoga and classes upstairs. Personally I'm not terribly impressed - the selection is small and didn't appeal to me, but I think it would be far more appealing to salad fans, which is why I think my 2.5 stars is very subjective.

Haveli Hindu South Indian 348-1381 35 Sixth St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
CLOSED Assembly-line style food, only open for lunch. Good and inexpensive ($7.99 all-you-can-eat). Claimed vegan, though language barriers add to uncertainty and difficulty ordering:
Dr Edelstein relates: "It took about 10 minutes to explain to one of them--with much signaling, pointing, and hand waving--that I would also like brown rice. (Ingrid, an English-speaking employee, assisted me in the hand waving, since she didn't speak their language either.) The proof he actually did understand us was in the pudding."
Serves brown rice.

Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Restaurant Vegi Chinese 876-0832 832 Clement Street
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan:
CLOSED They have a dim sum selection like Kowloon, but it's smaller and not as good in my opinion. However, they have an excellent selection of chinese entrees that are worth a try. Most dishes are also vegan - only a few of the baked goods have egg.

China Sea Chinese 775-3679 1141 Polk St
Taste: Selection: Health: Vegan: ?
CLOSED This was a great restaurant, but as of 11/17/2000 they no longer carried the mock chicken option at the Polk store! Very sad.
All veggie entrees are really the same mock chicken, but some of the sauces (particularly the fantastic garlic sauce) are good.
Delivers! (Another China Sea which doesn't deliver is at 242 O'Farrell St / 395-9633)

Ten Thousand Buddhas Chun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant Buddhist Chinese 0
CLOSED The listing got me excited about this restaurant which is sadly gone.

Lotus Garden Buddhist Chinese Vegan 397-0707 532 Grant
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
CLOSED Jesse Miner says it's tasty. Now it's closed!

Organic City Cafe ? 922-3811 2047 Fillmore St
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
CLOSED Jesse Miner says: "Classy Vegan-friendly organic food, not too expensive. One of my faves!" This one is closed too! It's the Jesse Miner curse!

2202 Oxygen Bar Raw vegetarian 255-2102 795 Valencia
Taste: ? Selection: ? Health: ? Vegan: ?
CLOSED Only three days a week - prepared by rotating chefs, $12-$15.
UPDATE 4/11/2004: According to the website they now have sushi and are not a raw veggie restaurant

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