Best Rate Mobile RV in Santa Rosa, CA


Just had a nightmare experience with a mobile mechanic in Santa Rosa and wanted to document it for future info, for myself and others.

Business: Best Rate Mobile RV Repair
Owner: Michael Sinnott
Phone: 707-971-1133
Address: 6600 Montecito Blvd / Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Yelp: Best Rate Nightmare Repair


I've also saved our communication here:

What Happened?

It's explained in my yelp review:

One star, 4/18/2019

What a nightmare.

We called him to repair our RV that someone else is using, we are not local. He did the repair, and then sent us an invoice.

I asked him how we could pay and he said we had to pay cash (we are hours away) or by antiquated moneygram, the service that you're only supposed to use to send money to friends and family, as per their website.

I asked about credit card (since he's taken credit card from other people according to yelp, including the same month we got service).


I asked about personal check. Nope Money order. Nope. Bank check. Nope. Cashiers check? Paypal? Venmo? Square? Bank Transfer? Nope.

He demands that I drive many hours to pay him ~$300 in cash, or else pay $40 to use Moneygram to pay him, a service that's completely non-traceable and where I can't prove that he's received the money. A service that **Moneygram itself is telling me I shouldn't be using to pay commercial transactions**.

And that's the clue.

He doesn't want even same-as-cash payments such as a bank check or cashiers check, because he tells me that he refuses to give me his address. He refuses any reasonable payment that would work with any other mobile mechanic, and doesn't give you this information up front, and then claims you are cheating him.

The exact tactics you would expect from someone who screws up some jobs and doesn't want to pay the price for his mistakes, as you can see from his other 1-star reviews on here.

He argues with me, claiming I'm trying to steal money from him, when every message I send him I am begging him to take my money. This guy is crackers. I spend two weeks and many wasted hours trying to figure out how to pay him. At this point if I'd driven three hours to pay him, I would have saved time. Actually, if I'd just been smart enough to hire someone else, this would all be over.

I tell him if he wants cash, he'll have to wait a couple more days until the person we have staying in the RV gets back from a trip. He can't wait a couple days. Evidently I'm supposed to be able to force this person to teleport back early. He tells me that I'm committing a crime and starts threatening me with legal/criminal proceedings and other vague threats that may have been to my safety.

I find that more comical than anything. Please, do tell the police about this man who you refuse payment from and all the crimes he's committed against you.

Look, I get that he can sometimes be helpful. I've seen the reviews. But this guy is dangerous and unstable and unreasonable, and if you have a problem with him, you can expect it to become a nightmare.

I spent years living in my RV and we've now spent years having someone else live in my wife's RV. I've had to deal with mobile mechanics more times than I can count. And I've always easily and happily paid for the work done, and never had to deal with someone ranting and irrational like this.

I expect to hear more ranting and madness from him once this review is posted, but he can stuff it, because he's got his cash and I don't ever have to deal with this guy again.

Stay away.

Stay far, far away.