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Wednesday, Mar 20 · 3:08 PM
Conversation with Insane "Best" RV Repair
Yes that will work
Here's her number - please let me know if it's going to be more expensive than the $320 or so we talked about. Lindsey: <<phone # redacted>>
Friday, Mar 22 · 9:27 PM
I was out there last night and got lindsey up anf running again although i had to use the burnt cover because it had slipped my mind to grab one usually the internal board just goes bad and you can just use the old cover also did bring new thermal fuse but it was defective so its still without the thermal fuse. I adjusted the shutter valve so that the burner tube isnt still burning way too hot as it was. But bottom line i helped her numerous times on the phone no problem no charge to restore propane to the rest of her coach and although i need to make a few minute trip back to correct the control board and install the thermal fuse which i will do when i return she has hot water and everything else works.however I. Wasnt aware that you werent beibg presant to pay the bill she left me your emails which .i am going invoice to in a min. I no longer accept credit cards or check anymore due to recent bad bussiness by other customers but i will.accept western union or money gram since i am told that u live in the city. Once i recieve payment i will promtly.return and finish the work . Please confirm u recieved this message and how to expect the payment so that i may procede . Thankmyou. i recieve confirmation i.will send invioce
I got this. Sorry, I thought someone was going to contact me before you went out there. We will pay the invoice. Do you accept any online payment systems like PayPal or venmo?
So is the fuse and the cover going to eventually be replaced?
No i stopped all electronic payments due people burning me. And yes they will both be corrected
Thankyou for responding i was starting to worry again
Saturday, Mar 23 · 12:00 AM
If you have PayPal I can send payment to friends and family so it can't be reversed.
Saturday, Mar 23 · 1:05 PM
Im sorry i dont have paypal.any longer you can do a western.union or money gramm at most convience stores though in will send invoice after lunch
Okay, we'll figure out some way to get you the money. What about the cover and the thermal fuse?
Friday, Apr 5 · 3:34 PM
Ok sir have not received email so I will just text you it do you can get the ball rolling.
Please confirm you have received it . Thank you for your business.
I did, can you send me an email to <<email redacted>>
Yes sir right away, thank you 😁
Ok all sent off just let me know where to go I believe CVS rite aid walmart,7/11 Safeway
There's more though
I see in your email it looks like your a little better than average computer guy by your quote at the bottom of the email. If you are maybe we can do some trading for work in the future. If your interested I'd like to talk to you in person possibly ..
And I meant more places alot more you just gotta look where a location in your area. And if your looking for what location in santa Rosa just pick anyone or if you choose wall Mart Windsor or Rohnert Park will work thanks again
What kind of work do you need done?
Sunday, Apr 7 · 3:36 PM
If I need work is where I was going with what I said I'm sorry for the confusion. is there a chance you will be able to handle the bill it's going on two weeks now..
Yes, we are going to pay today or tomorrow, we didn't have the invoice until a day or two ago, and trying to pay this way is unusual and very different and difficult for us, it's much easier for us feel to pay with a card or PayPal or something normal like that
I've had more than 1 bad experience with PayPal and I used to do cards but it was costing too customers were always questioning the added fees and it felt as though i was being accused of trying to accrue money that wasn't rightfully charged if get where I'm comming from so I ended it all together not to mention the police ended up questioning me once for use of a stollen card that I didn't know was stollen. Big headache for what convenience it's supposed to be. So I'm sorry if it's difficult but it keeps me straight with the law and my customers. And I don't know where the prior invoice went but I did send it. Not at all saying that your a liar it that you're not a customer that's not honerable by any means if you think that's what I was implying
Sunday, Apr 7 · 7:01 PM
Okay,, but here is my situation. I just drove downtown to try to find a MoneyGram place to send you the money, and I went to two places that were supposed to be open according to Google maps and both were closed. Furthermore I assume a MoneyGram is going to have a fee on top of it. I've never had any kind of requirement like this where it's so difficult to pay somebody. Especially someone who is so worried about getting paid. If you want me to pay you, I can send you money by PayPal right now, as friends and family, which means there will be no fees and you don't have to worry about any refunds or chargebacks
I get my bank mailing check today. Just let me know how I can send you money normally
I've also never had someone require that I pay them before they've even finished the job.
Monday, Apr 8 · 4:19 PM
I've left a message for Lindsey (staying in the RV) about whether we can send the cash to her to pay you. I'm waiting to hear back from her.
Wednesday, Apr 10 · 1:14 PM
She's out until Monday with limited cell reception and says she can do the payment, so let's setup a time for you to go out once she's back Monday.
I really don't like dragging things out that long.its a long time for me to be covering over $300 .00 of time and parts I can have the work done in around or under 20 minutes I'm willing to complete the job but that's just too long there are many other Western Union s and money gram there's gotta be hundreds in the big city
1. I will pay you. 2. I already wasted an hour driving downtown to find a moneygram, both were closed when they were supposed to be open. My time is worth more than that. 3. MoneyGram has a $12 charge to send you money. 4. I've never heard of a business that refuses all other forms of payment 5. I can have Lindsey pay you cash when you finish the job 6. I can pay you by paypal, venmo, or any other online form now 7. I can send you a bank check or cashiers check or money order. 8. I've never, ever had such a hard time paying someone before. Ironically, this is paying someone who is worried about not getting paid. 9. I was expecting a call when you got out to the RV, but instead got a call when it was done without being consulted, demanding payment in this specific and difficult and expensive way. I don't contest the charge, but was surprised that I didn't hear about any of this until it was done. 10. We keep having this same conversation. I am tired of it. So. Tell me a normal way that I can pay you. I am not going to send you a moneygram. If you want to wait till we can setup a return for you to get the money from Lindsey, fine. If you want me to mail some form of check, fine. If you think that cashiers and bank checks are dangerous in some way, I suggest you do some research. I don't know what your payment problems have been, but they aren't the reality of the rest of the world and, most importantly, they aren't *my* problems and I'm not willing to take them on. So let me know what normal form of payment you want, and you will get paid, and the RV will be fixed, and this will be done.
<<address redacted>>
Wednesday, Apr 10 · 4:46 PM
What is your plan? Am I going to have Lindsey pay you when you finish the job, or do you want to setup a time to meet here? I just checked moneygram online, the fees for sending are almost $40.
Thursday, Apr 11 · 12:45 PM
So I don't see any acknowledgement from you regarding payment for the work I've done for you sir or the part I've paid for out if my own pocket and have been carrying for the last couple of weeks so I'm only left to assume you choosing not to pay at this time with the options available to you or by paying me directly as expected for work and parts as service and parts are distributed to you at the end time of service done for the workday. If you don't respond to this message. That is going to be my final attempt. Please follow up and get back to me as I've been most patient already and I am very busy. Thanks
Thursday, Apr 11 · 1:59 PM
Do you accept credit cards? If not, when did you stop accepting them?
I've answered this question for you already sir the rest of the question is really irelevant . As you can see with the way your trying to find a loop hole within the confines if my business structure is just another example of why I've gone to doing strictly cash dealing. Cash that is supposed to be paid at the work site at the end time if said work to be done at the end time of work daily. I've also had a customer pass away Midway through work and suffered loss because of it. I have broken many of my own rules to accommodate you trying to show some form of integrity and gratitude for giving me the opportunity to do the work for you. Your tenant called me about an all around electrical propane outage and I helped her in my own time and natural kindness helped guide her over the phone to restore all things directly connected to the cause of damage (being the small fire occurred in the exterior water heater access panel that burned the control board)the ourpo do that also trying to help alleviate any added pressure from your shoulders. I don't understand where your arguments with me stem from when all you got from me was help from the jump you requested as though I'm somehow forcing something on yo7 when All I've done is help you at a moment's notice.
You refused to talk to me over the phone, so I'll have to send this as a lengthy text message. I think you are creating a hostile situation where there does not need to be one. You are assuming that I do not want to pay you when every single conversation has been me asking you to take payment through conventional payment channels. If I didn't want to pay you, we wouldn't be having this conversation, I just wouldn't pay you. But instead you make unreasonable demands *after* work is done and refuse to discuss them at all. To be very clear: I can pay you by credit card *RIGHT NOW*. You claim to not accept credit cards, but according to yelp you accepted a credit card payment last month, which was when I first contacted you about this repair. You are refusing to accept this as a payment method. I can pay, *RIGHT NOW* by: Credit Card Cashiers check Bank check Personal check Money Order Paypal Venmo Square Wire transfer I can also have Lindsey pay you *in cash* when you complete the job. You are refusing to accept any of these as payment methods. You are telling me that you only accept Moneygram or Western Union. This was not agreed upon or mentioned before work commenced, and your yelp page, which you have claimed and know about and have responded on, shows that you take credit cards. You talk about needing cash upon completion of work. I am more than happy to do this, because the work is not complete. You have explained that the thermal fuse and cover are missing, which you list on the invoice as $51.55 in parts, ignoring labor. I have offered to pay you, in cash, once the work is complete. You do not accept this either. You *only* accept non-traceable payment and refuse to give me a mailing address, yet you have not completed the work. You refuse payment that every other business is willing to accept. And because it's non-traceable, if I pay you with Moneygram then I have no way of proving you've received the money, as you have no way of proving that I've sent it. Furthermore, you are demanding that I use a payment method that has 10% fees, adding almost $40 to my bill. You have multiple reviews on yelp from people saying that you did not do work you were paid for. You have threatened to go back and remove your work and charge me for that because you have refused to take payment for your work through normal payment channels. I want to be very clear that: 1) I doubt that Lindsey will give you permission to enter the private property the RV is stored on in order to remove this repair. 2) While I am happy to pay you, using normal payment methods for work you have done, I will not pay you a penny if you remove your repairs. Here are your options: 1) Take money though normal business channels 2) Take cash at completion of the work, which you can schedule with Lindsey when she returns on Monday. 3) I am also willing, at this point, to simply send you money for the work done minus the cost of parts you haven't installed - thermal fuse and control board cover, which would be $285.10 4) Sue me and explain to a judge why you have a right to demand a specific and expensive payment method when that was never agreed on beforehand, when you have a customer who is trying to pay you with the same methods every other business uses. Let me know which one you would like to do. Those are your options. Harassing me and demanding that I use an expensive and antiquated payment system will get you nowhere. Please let me know which option above you would like to go with.
Thursday, Apr 11 · 3:49 PM
I'm being far from hostile sir. I have been more than respectful and understanding .I have fronted more than a hundred dollars for parts out of my in pocket and in addition I have even waived the standard 100 dollar mobile service fee .Id say that's more than friendly with all due respect . These methods you offer are not accepted by me and have been continuously repeated .it is common practice for a mobile business to request payment at the work site and not uncommon to accept cash and check only.The rest is up to you. I'm sorry I can't accommodate your issue with getting me the money im owed without having to drive or have someone get it to me . You had agreed to wire me the payment and have failed to do failed to meet me at the site where the work is. And you won't make an effort to do anything else that will get it to me before the next week.
Thursday, Apr 11 · 4:55 PM
"You had agreed to wire me the payment and have failed to do so" I will happily send a wire transfer from a bank right now. Please tell me the account to deposit it into. I will not send a moneygram. I never agreed to send a moneygram. I will not use a service that we did not agree on and costs an extra $40. Moneygram is not meant for paying businesses. Moneygram is for sending money to friends and family. You are neither. From *THEIR OWN WEB SITE* they state: "Do not send money to someone you don’t know" That's their website. So I am not going to pay $40 to send you money for a job that's not even complete. Period. I will pay you through normal business channels. Period. I will pay you through normal business channels. Period. I WILL PAY YOU THROUGH NORMAL BUSINESS CHANNELS. PERIOD. According to your invoice, without the fuse and board cover parts, I owe you $285.10. I'll ignore the labor you were willing to do to install them. I can see how quickly Lindsey can meet you with the money. She does not get back until Monday. I cannot change that. You can scream and yell all you want, but today is Thursday and she gets back on Monday. Or I can send you the money right now. Right now. Credit card, cashiers check, paypal, venmo,... You are welcome to drive down here and pick up cash. If you require that I use a service that costs $40 to send, then I can also do that and remove $40 from the invoice. I am done with this conversation. You have been given very reasonable options that every business uses. Tell me which one you want out of the options I have listed and I will use that to pay you. Period. That's it. Tell me which one you want and I will pay you and we will never have to do business together again. Which of the options do you want to receive your money? 1) Cash from Lindsey when she is back and can meet you. I do not control her location or schedule. 2) Bank wire transfer - I need a destination account and bank info for this 3) Credit card 4) paypal 5) Venmo 6) Cashiers check - I need a mailing address 7) Money order - I need a mailing address 8) Bank check - I need a mailing address 9) At this point I am willing to send you a moneygram for the amount owed minus $40 if you want to pay the moneygram fees and we simply pay for the work done so far. That's not including the fuse and cover. I am not going to pay you by moneygram with a promise to do that work. 10) If you desire, you're welcome to come to SF to pickup the cash, though I think that's ridiculous. I'm certainly not going to drive up to Santa Rosa to give you cash for a job that's not even completed yet. Take your pick. Pick one, and that's it. That's all. Period. I keep bringing up a number of points which you completely ignore. You have addressed none of them. In particular I never agreed and was never told about your strange and expensive payment requirements and I do not agree to them. I am done with this discussion. If you think that this means that I am not willing to pay you, then you have clearly not been reading what I am sending. Tell me which options you choose. Otherwise feel free to show this conversation to a lawyer and have him explain to you that you don't have any legal (or ethical) right to make these kind of demands. TELL ME WHICH OPTION YOU CHOOSE SO I CAN PAY YOU AND BE DONE WITH WASTING MY TIME ON THIS.
Thursday, Apr 11 · 6:07 PM
Im not asking for a service sir... Very simply I'm asking for cash ,American currency the services are just a convenience offered to you by outside money transfer businesses that don't have a thing to do with my business or me. I will fo you a favor by accepting the two that I will accept. There's no negotiating these terms.
You have chosen cash from the list of above options! Lindsey will be within phone service on Saturday and returning Monday and I will find out when she can meet you at her earliest convenience. I will have her pay you the $285.10 that is owed without installing the cover or fuse in american cash. I will let you know once she has times available.
give me one business that you know of but you can walk in or call out tell them I want this when you come out you give it to me and then I'll tell you I'll pay you when I want there's no business so you can just tell I'll pay you when I want I'm not being difficult or unreasonable I'm just doing what a business does I give a service I get paid I'll go fix the rest of your water heater right now I do not looking to get paid in next week that's not how it works
You do have other residents there maybe they'll do the favor for you
1) Every single mobile RV repair I've dealt with before 2) The truck company I just took my truck too, they finished our truck while we were on vacation, I paid them when I got back. 3) The concrete company that just repaired our sidewalk. He also wanted cash, so I said I had to get it from the bank next week. He came to my house the next week and I handed him cash and he said thanks and we talked about future work we can do. I could go on and on. I *cannot*, however, name a single company that has even asked for a moneygram, much less required it, or required cash when I was not there. It seems you are having trouble listening. You cannot fix the water heater right now. Lindsey is not there. I don't know why it's so difficult for you to understand that. I do not have other residents there. I do not own that property. I don't even know the names of the other people there. I own the RV that Lindsey is parking there. So you are not going to fix the water heater right now. In fact, I don't even want you to fix the water heater, because I don't want to do any more business with you. I want to pay you and be done. I owe you the $285.10 for the work done according to your invoice. If you want to get paid right now, then pick one of the other options. I know that you take credit cards. You have that ability, so I will call and pay you for the work done so far by card. I can send you a number of immediate payment options. They are listed above. You have chosen cash. If you wish to choose something else before I have Lindsey pay you, let me know. Otherwise we are done talking.
Well I guess you run the show in your environment. But you should look up the laws surrounding mobile business. To not pay a mobile business for their service is no different than ordering a pizza , opening the door taking the pizza without paying and closing the door quite simply it stops being a civil matter. It's illegal sir as I'm sure you know. Now what your threatening to do at this point is criminal. You should ask yourself directly respectfully who the hostile party in this situation?
I've been very patient ,very...
Please see my posts above.
Above what?
I don't accept this payments sir this businesses are not affiliated with me in any way
The number of posts I have put above, that you continue to ignore. If you wish to file criminal action, I suggest you go talk to the police about the person who wants to pay you but you won't let him. You have my address and phone number, they can come and arrest me immediately for this crime. We're done here. You have chosen cash when Lindsey has returned. Let me know if you choose one of the other options. Feel free to read my previous messages, it seems you haven't read them, because you haven't responded to any of the points I've raised.
Apr 11, 6:33 PM ·SMS
Your choice sir this isn't the first time I've had to go this route unfortunately.. we will speak on other terms then I guess.. sorry for your bad choice...
Feel free to take whatever legal action you feel is necessary.
And that being said I will be seeking compensation for my time having to deal with the authority's this is my final statement.
Tuesday · 11:56 AM
Lindsey has the cash for the work you have done and has been trying to contact you. If you don't have your payment yet then please contact her.
Tue 11:56 AM ·SMS