There's a semi-complete encoder and decoder available.

Abbreviations of Kitten and Cat Attributes


  AB  Abyssinian              JB  Japanese Bobtail      
  AC  American Curl           KT  Korat
  AL  Americal Longhair       MC  Maine Coon
  AS  American Shorthair      MX  Manx
  AW  American Wirehair       NB  Nebelung
  BA  Balinese                NF  Norwegian Forest
  BB  American Bobtail        OC  Ocicat
  BG  Bengal                  OS  Oriental Shorthair
  BI  Birman                  OL  Oriental Longhair
  BO  Bombay                  PS  Persian
  BR  Bristol                 RB  Russian Blue
  BS  British Shorthair       RD  Ragdoll
  BU  Burmese                 SA  Safari
  CR  Cornish Rex             SF  Scottish Fold
  CX  Chartreux 	      SG  Singapura
  CY  Cymric                  SI  Siamese
  DL  Domestic longhair       SN  Snowshoe
  DM  Domestic mediumhair     SO  Somali
  DR  Devon Rex               SP  California Spangled
  DS  Domestic shorthair      SR  Selkirk Rex
  EM  Egyptian Mau            SS  Scottish Fold Longhair
  ES  Exotic Shorthair        SX  Sphynx
  EU  European Shorthair      TA  Turkish Angora
  GR  German Rex	      TF  Tiffany
  HB  Havana Brown            TO  Tonkinese
  HI  Himalayan               TV  Turkish Van
Mixed breeds, if known, can be combined in descending order of contribution (eg: MC+SI). If a cat "looks like" a particular breed but parentage is unknown, breed can be enclosed in quotation marks.


  R      Red (Orange)
  W      White
  S      Silver
  B      Black
  O      Brown
  C      Chocolate
  L      Lilac
  D      Ruddy
  G      Gold

  d      Diluted  (i.e.: Red->Cream, Black->Blue(Grey), etc.)
  t      Tabby (classic or mackeral pattern)
  r      Tortoiseshell
  p      Pointed
  s      Smoke
  c      Chinchilla
  k      Ticked
  m      Mink
  o      Spotted
  h      Shaded
Colors can be combined in descending order (eg: B+W)
Modifiers can be applied to individual colors by concatenation (eg: W+Bd = white with grey patches), or groups of colors by use of parenthesis (eg: (W+B+R)d = dilute calico, (R+W)t+W = red tabby/white).

Eye Color:

  B      Blue
  A      Aqua
  G      Green
  H      Hazel
  C      Copper
  Y      Gold (yellow)
Odd-eye colors can be separated by '/', eg: B/G. Colors can also be added for mixed colors, eg: G+Y = green-gold.


yy or, eg: 5 = five years old, 1.5 = 17 months, .10 = ten months.


  X      Female, spayed, no interest.
  X+     Female, spayed, but still interested.
  X++    Female, intact, but not particularly excitable.
  X+++   I am a kitten factory.
  Y      Male, neutered, no interest.
  Y+     Male, neutered, but still interested.
  Y++    Male, intact, but not particularly excitable.
  Y+++   I would go through a burning building to get at a female in heat.

  L---   I fit easily into your shirt pocket.
  L--    I can curl up in two cupped hands.
  L-     I'm somewhere between kitten-sized and average.
  L      I'm average cat size, just right for your lap.
  L+     I'm starting to slip off the side of your lap.
  L++    I'm large enough to make a German Shepard think twice.
  L+++   People sometimes mistake me for a mountain lion.

  W--    I'm so thin that you can count my bones.
  W-     I'm slim, but healthy.
  W      I'm an average cat, not too thin and not too fat.
  W+     I'm a heavy cat, but it's all muscle.
  W++    I need to go on a diet.

 C---   I've been declawed front and back
  C--    I've been declawed in front
  C-     I have claws, but they're covered with Soft Paws(tm).
  C+     I have claws, but they're clipped regularly.
  C++    My claws are unclipped, but they're kind of dull.
  C+++   I have ten razor-sharp implements of death.
         (Comments about the "correct" number of claws to /dev/null.)

  Note: "C+" can be substituted for "C" for a polydactyl.

Behavioral Traits

These are optional fields. Consider omitting them if your cat is "normal" (whatever that means for a cat!)


  I+++   You mean there's a world outside?
  I++    I live indoors most of the time, but sneak out sometimes.
  I+     I prefer to live indoors, but go outside when I feel like it.
  I      I drift between indoors and outdoors at will.
  I-     I come indoors to sleep and eat, but not much else.
  I--    I'm allowed inside once in a while, but I eat and sleep outdoors.
  I---   Why would anyone want to live in there?

  T+++   I'm a furry ball of affection and love everybody.
  T++    I like meeting new people and am affectionate with most.
  T+     I'm shy about meeting new people, but am affectionate
           with those that I know well.
  T      I have a few special humans I really like, the rest I tolerate.
  T-     People are OK for feeding and playing, but not much else.
  T--    I'm annoyed by humans and avoid it if possible.
Note: Many cats appear to be split-personalities, eg: T++/T--

Activity level:

  A+++   All photos of me are blurred.
  A++    I am always getting into, under, or on top of things and am
           hardly ever still.
  A+     If you don't play with me, I'll find a way to play by myself.
  A      It's easy to get me to play, but I like to sleep, too.
  A-     I work very hard at sleeping, but like to chase the occasional toy.
  A--    I may show signs of life in the presence of an excellent toy.
  A---   They thought I was dead, until they started the can opener.

  E+++   Nothing even remotely edible is safe when I'm around.
  E++    I'm always hungry. What are you having?
  E+     I would rather eat than play with a toy.
  E      I enjoy good food, but sometimes the stuff I get is fit only
           for an ally cat.
  E-     I'll wait until the others eat.
  E--    I'd rather play with a toy.
  E---   I eat just enough to get by.

  H      Food comes in a box, right?
  H+     I chase anything that moves, but am not quite sure what to
           do with it if I catch it.
  H++    I kill an occasional small rodent, bird or lizard, but
           would never eat one. (Well, hardly ever.)
  H+++   I regularly kill and eat small prey. How else would I get fed?

  S      I wouldn't be caught dead doing it!
  S+     I sneak an occasional smurgle.
  S++    When I'm in the mood, I can smurgle with the best of them.
  S+++   Everybody leaves my house dripping with kitty-drool.

  Note:  "smurgling" is defined as kneading while simultaneously nuzzling, licking or sucking.

  V+++   Everyone in the neighborhood deserves the benefit of hearing
           my magnificent voice.
  V++    I have long, meaningful conversations with people.
  V+     I have a small but useful vocabulary of important words, like:
           "Food!", "Play!", and: "Clean the box!"
  V      I'll let you know when it's dinner time, don't expect to
           hear from me until then.
  V-     I know how to say "Feed me!", but I must be very hungry to do so.
Intelligence ("IQ"):

  Q--   Every time I blink, I discover a whole new world.
  Q-    The principals of gravity still escape me.
  Q      I'm an average cat: cunning, but no real reasoning.
  Q+     I'm pretty quick-witted--for a cat.
  Q++    I display near-human reasoning sometimes, such as double-takes
         and abstract reasoning.
Lap affinity:

  P-     I'd rather lie on a hard rock than in a person's lap.
  P      I'll use your lap if you're in the right room and I'm in the mood.
  P+     I prefer laps to any other type of resting place, but they
           have to belong to people I like.
  P++    I am a total lap fungus. (Hurry up and sit down!)
Belly sensitivity:

  B--    Touching my belly is cause for me to take your arm off
           at the elbow.
  B-     I like to lay on my back and show my belly, but you'd better
           not touch it.
  B      Well, OK, you can rub my belly...but not too much!
  B+     Please rub my belly. Oh, yes, do it some more!!
  B++    I like to have my belly "drummed".
Purr activity:

PA--   Me purr?  Never!
  PA-    I'll think about it if you pat or feed me enough.
  PA     I like to show my appreciation when patted or fed.
  PA+    Pat me and I'll rumble.
  PA++   I'll purr as soon as you enter the room.
Purr loudness:

PL-    You'll have to put your ear against my tummy to hear me.
  PL     I'm an average purrer.
  PL+    I'm a little louder than the average cat.
  PL++   I'm a real power purrer!
  PL+++  I've been known to set off car alarms.
Courtesy of Eric Williams, owner of, or, depending on whose perspective, owned by:

TGC Vincent: MC (B+S)t G+Y 1.3 Y L++ C+ T+ I+++ H+ S++ V+ F++
Murphy: DS W+(B+R)t+R Y 1.4 Y L C+ T- I+++ H+ A+ F+ B