1929 Ford Model A

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In 1939 my great-grandfather Albin Ljung bought a '29 Model A. A month or so later he sold it to my grandfather Allen Ljung who owned it for the next half a century until he moved out of his house and needed to move the car on. He sold it to my dad, Donovan Allen Ljung for ~$450. On my summer break from College, my dad and I drove up to Minnesota to pick it up and drive it back to Illinois. It made it to within exactly 100 miles from home, which was a fortunate distance since our AAA membership would tow up to 100 miles. (Incidentally I had exactly this same situation happen with my Ford Fairmont in College which died exactly 100 miles from home).

Over two decades later my parents were moving into a house with less car space, and it was time for the Model A to move down the family line, this time heading out to San Francisco.

A quick search of my website will reveal that my primary car, a Triumph TR3A is also ancient (though relative to the Model A it's practically new), so ironically the Model A will sometimes end up being the backup car for when my car breaks down (as these oldsters do), but will also happily be used every few weeks to drive me out swing dancing, making my primary activity a little less anachronistic.

So, as it turns out, my expertise lies more in the old British roadster, but as I delve into this car, more content will eventually show up here.

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