Album: Item-Not-As-Described

Someone tried to rip me off on ebay.

They failed.

The entertaining story is all here

I had screenshots posted here of the original image, but poorly written malware scanners would get confused and think that this was a phishing site, so I had to take them down. If anyone can tell me how you can post a screenshot of an ebay or paypal transaction without confusing malware scanners, I'd love to know.

The "18 inch" light,
with pack of cards (3.5") as a size reference
I sent back, as advertised, an 8" light. The light in all it's shiny glory
Shipping the 8" light
(oh wait - that's an 8" box. Same thing.)
xkcd #325
Sending the wrong item, and it's effects on ebay feedback.
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