Covered CA Sucks

Covered California is broken


Just to be clear this is not a political rant. My issue is not with the politics or ethics of "ObamaCare" - it is with the technology and beauracracy behind it.

I have been trying to get health coverage with CoveredCA (the government website).

The website is completely broken.

The organization is completely broken.

Between 2014 and the beginning of 2016 I have only been allowed by Covered California to have health insurance for 7 months. The rest of the time I have been forced to have no health insurance. You read that correctly. The organization that is supposed to guarantee health coverage for all is actually forcing me to not have health coverage for the first (and now second and third) time in my life.

Think of how broken an organization must be to not just fail at it's mission, but to actually do the exact opposite of it's mission.

My ordeal with Covered California has been endless, with countless hours trying to deal with the organization directly, trying to fix the problems it caused with Medi-Cal, trying to fix the problems it caused with my health insurance. At every step, every time, Covered CA has done things wrong, in every case, at every point.

Before you give me advice on how I should just file an appeal or call the state Ombudsman, please read the history. I have done that. I have appealed, and Covered CA and I appeared in front of a judge and the judge agreed with me and issued a judges order for Covered CA to fix the issue at hand. Covered CA simply ignored the order. Covered CA has violated my rights and broken the law repeatedly, time and time again. Read on, I've tried to organize it as best as possible.

If it seems like too much to read, I agree with you. Now imagine living it and throw in the many hours of hold for each phone call as well. As I've said many times through this ordeal:

At this point I'm going to have to admit I am really confused why there aren't a number of people who are responsible for this in prison.

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My (Non-)Coverage History (2014/2015)

I spent over 4 decades of my life with health insurance every single day of my life. It is a priority in my life. I am a consultant, and there are often times in my life that I am unemployed and I have always made sure that I had health insurance during those times. Always.

And then came Covered CA in 2014...

Covered CA System Bugs

The website has many bugs, particularly during their launch... Some of them are fairly well known, such as when the website would not even load. Some of them only became obvious if you regularly had to deal with their system because they couldn't handle simple requests. Some of these issues have been fixed.

My Nightmare (Full History with Covered CA)

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