Dave's Swedish "Home"

Every July I am in Sweden for 5-6 weeks thanks to the wonderful dance camp Herräng. This is 10% of my life.

I can't stay in the public (30+ to a room) accommodations or in a tent because of my wonderful cat. For years I did the expensive private accommodations, until I finally decided it was time to become a homeowner. It took a few years to find one, since the ads were all in Swedish and people don't generally answer their phones in July (vacation), but I finally came across it:

July 2009: The ad for my Husvagn

So in 2009 I bought a 1979 Polar 550. It's a 20' long mobile home / caravan, or, in Swedish, it's my "Husvagn".

With great help from Calle, we tow the Husvagn back to Herräng.

I set it up on the Football field near the school, raised my flag and the Piratvagn was born. It was already the middle of the final week of Herräng, so I only got to spend a few days in my Husvagn, but I was hooked.

The original interior was simple but solved my needs: [ interior back, interior front ]

For 11 months out of the year while I'm gone it is stored in a barn in the village of Herräng.

The next year (2010) I managed to actually track down a Fortält (tent) that was made for the Polar 550, hallelujah! My space was doubled:

Occasionally over the next years I get a chance to work on my Husvagn. Some of it is fixing the broken, and some of it is adding on to my comfort:

And now the Husvagn has all my needs met while I'm in Sweden. Air conditioning, storage, cat box, kitchen, running water, electricity (via the camp), heat, mini-theater, computer workstation, wifi,... And it's definitely home - I am giddy every year that I pick it up and get to set up my Swedish Home again.

Hem, ljuva hem.

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