The Fortress of Daveitude

a.k.a. "That's What She Said"

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Layout in progress

The SF Fortress closed its doors July, 2014
Fort Stellar opened on July 26th, 2016

The Fortress of Daveitude is a lot in SOMA in San Francisco, 24' wide and 54' deep. The current layout plan is to the left. As someone has astutely observed: "You're recreating your Burning Man camp in San Francisco!"

Yes, yes I am.

Day 7 Of The Dave Occupation

It stores my bus and my cars as well as affording a patio area for general shenanigans - I plan on putting down some sort of weatherproofed floor so there can be some dancing/improv, etc.., and then I'll set it up so I can run a tarp from the carport to the bus in case of rain.

And no, I don't have the hot tub yet, but that's coming up on the plans.

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