Cosmic Encounter Version History

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Supposedly Cosmic was published in 16 editions, so any additions or corrections would be extremely welcome.
I happily have copies of most of these

Year Manufacturer Component Images Contents/Rules
1972 Eon Prototypes 1972 Powers PB Plexi Covers Components  
1977 Eon Cosmic Encounter [landscape box] Front Contents Eon list. List price $10?
1978 Eon Cosmic Encounter [oracle box] Front 2 Back rules: ps pdf, rev_hexes appendix [pdf], french aliens
1982 Eon Cosmic Encounter [big box] Front All appendix: ps pdf
1977 Eon   Expansion #1 1 Eon list. List price for expansions was $4?
1977 Eon   Expansion #2 2 Eon list
1978 Eon   Expansion #3 3 3.b Eon list
1979 Avalon Hill Dune Box Dune themed variation of Cosmic
1979 Eon   Expansion #4 4 Eon list
1980 Eon   Expansion #5 5 5.b Eon list
1981 Eon   Expansion #6 6 Eon list
1981 Eon   Expansion #7 7 Eon list
1981? Eon   Blank Cards   10 cents each through Eon mail order
1982 Eon   Expansion #8 8 Eon list
1983 Eon   Expansion #9 9, Aristocrat Eon list
198? Eon   T-Shirt Front (back empty) About 500 of these were made (according to Kittredge) - might have been 1979 according to Peter's convention photo?
198? Eon   Cosmic Guarantee Front A flyer from unknown sources. "Cosmic Guarantee. Your money back if you don't agree with the following..."
1983 Grow Jogos e Brinquedos Contatos Cósmicos (Brazil) Front Contents Rules (This was not legally licensed when Grow Jogos made it!)
1984 Tsukuda Hobbies コズミツク エンカウンタ[Japan] Cover Back Contents This is the rarest of the rare. Copies were given to the employees at Tsukuda, but it's unclear if any were ever sold.
1985 Altenburg-Stralsunder (ASS) König der Sterne [German/West End] Front All  
1986 West End Cosmic Encounter Front List
1986 Games Workshop Cosmic Encounter [British/West End] Front Back All 2 Cards Powers List
1986? Descartes Rencontre Cosmique [French/West End] Front Set Ext Back (JD/DISC: two set) List, photos
1986 Descartes Rencontre Cosmique [French/West End?] Front Set, prev. avail from LeValet (JD/L003: single set)
1986 VIP Of Gaming Dune Variant Cover  
1987 Alga/Brio Universums Härskare (Sweden) Front All Board List Rules
1987 Alga/Brio Universumin Valtiaat (Finland) Board Powers Cards  
1991 Mayfair Cosmic Encounter Front All 'Eons' prototype 2 3 List, Rules, rev_hexes, french aliens, italian [pdf]
1992 Mayfair More Cosmic Encounter Front List
1995 Mayfair Simply Cosmic Encounter Front List
1995 Mayfair Novas Pulsars (possibly based off?) Never published. Possibly named "Eons"?? Cards-only expansion adding Eon-style flares called Novas (flares that don't get discarded on use) (info)
1995 Mayfair A Bit More Cosmic Encounter   Never published. 35 powers + flares + novas + 2 players (brown/green). Needed art + playtesting.
1995 Mayfair Cosmic Encounter Reprint   Never published. Had new art (David Cherry) and better player colors.
1995 Avalon Hill Dune Expansion: Ixians/Landsraad Full magazine [pdf] (Article in AH's May 1995 magazine)
? Mayfair Parts: extra hexes, blank cards, etc..    
1991 Hexagames / TST-Enterprises Cosmic Encounter [German/Mayfair] Front Back Loser  
1999? Future Pastimes/Eon Java Online game Proto  
2000 Hasbro/Avalon Hill Cosmic Encounter Front Back Set 5/6 players [pdf] A [png] B [png] List List, Rules, french [pdf]
2000? Hasbro/Avalon Hill PowerHouse card Front Back Distributed at gaming conventions, very rare
2001 Future Pastimes/Eon Shockwave Online game Proto --
2003 "Eon" PowerHouse card Front Reformatted for Eon
2008 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter Front, Board Original text only cover. Rules (a blend of Eon/Mayfair?)
2008-... Fantasy Flight Games FFG Expansions Incursion (2010), Conflict (2011), Alliance (2012), Storm (2013), Dominion (2014), Eons (2016), Odyssey (2022)  
2009 Arclight/Fantasy Flight Games コズミツク エンカウンタ[Japan] Front, Loser, Filch, Expansion "Galaxy Assault" I think the top line is "銀河帯国建設ゲーム" but my grasp of the Japanese alphabet is close to none. Made by アークライト(Arclight). Also available was "Galaxy Assault" / 銀河強襲 (Incursion) expansion
2009-2019 Fantasy Flight Games International Releases Rencontre Cosmique [Edge Entertainment / French] 2009, Incursion [French] (exp), CE [Heidelberger Spielverlag / German] 2014 FFG releases with publishers in other countries. Also: Spanish - 2009 - Edge Entertainment // Italian - 2014 - Asterion Press // Dutch - 2016 - House of Monks // Polish (Kosmiczne Spotkania) - 2017 - Galakta //
2011 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter Front "Parasite" Cover
2016 Fantasy Flight Games Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne Front Reskin of Cosmic Encounter - not to be confused with the other FFG Game Of Thrones board games "Edition 1" and "Edition 2" which are not CE based.
2017 Fantasy Flight Games Game of Thrones: The Wars to Come Front Expansion for 2016 GoT
2018 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Front, космический контакт "Sorcerer" Cover, Transparent ships, startup sets of powers, improved rules, + Demon power, works w/ expansions
2019 Gale Force Nine Dune Box Back Components Reprint of Dune variation of Cosmic
2020 Gale Force Nine Dune Expansion: Ixians & Tleilaxu Box House Expansion
2020 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter Duel Front Two player variation of Cosmic Encounter

Unknown Sets:

Year Manufacturer Component Images Contents/Rules
86 or 88/89? Mediagenics/Activision Apple ][gs game AppleLink Computer Network was other player (Steve Case preAOL) Trivia: Steve Case was a playtester
~80/82 Archive Miniatures 2101-2104 (figures - not a game) 2101 Wrack 2102 Oracle 2103A Mind 2103B Macron 2014 Bag 2014A Healer 2104B Zombie 2104C Sorcerer Wrack; Oracle; Mind, Macron; Healer, Zombie, Sorcerer

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