Encounter Magazine

Encounter Magazine was published by Jack Kittredge and the rest of the Eon people to promote/discuss their games, the most acclaimed of which was Cosmic Encounter.

It was published every two months from 1983 by Eon. The editor was one of the original designers, Jack Kittredge, and it lasted for 6 issues.

Mayfair revived the magazine in 1991 when it started publishing Cosmic. The editor was Mike Arms and it lasted three issues.

The following issues are in PDF format.

Vol 1, Num 1
Jan/Feb 1983
  1. Welcome from editor
  2. Letters
  3. 10 New Aliens: Weed, Ghost, Traitor, Auctioneer, Gemini, Wretch, Industrialist, Scavenger, Mimic, Craven
  4. Baby Quirklings: Even younger variation of Quirklings, the children's version of Quirks.
  5. Darkover Expansion Set?
  6. Special Report: CE World Championship. (Winner: Mark Henckel)

Vol 1, Num 2
Mar/Apr 1983
  1. Editors News (Possible future computer game)
  2. Letters (Card listing, ..)
  3. Group Encounter: New Aliens for Multiple-Power Games:
    Gene, Zephyr, Leech, Chameleon, Sponge, Zapper [Allen Vamey of Stanford, CA]
  4. Satellites and Space Stations [David Forres of Victoria, Australia] The Cosmic Chronicles: The creation of Cosmic Encounter

Vol 1, Num 3
May/June 1983
  1. Editors News
  2. Letters (rule discussions, new moons,..
  3. The Scheinman Eleven: New powers: Peeper, Battery, Sorehead, Fear, Jinx, Nullifier, Wimp, Suiciders, Racist, Thindroids [Stuart Scheinman of Ithaca, NY]
  4. Baker's Dozen: New powers: Alarmist, Ballast, Cube, Devastator, Martyr, Medusa, Ohm, Paranoid, Prism, Radical, Satellite, Sponge [Kevin Baker of Sand Sprinks, OK]
  5. Annals of Conflict: Records of games, winning powers, etc.. [Ted Schmeckpeper of ?]
  6. Playing Games: A new game (one page) on designing games
  7. Runzles: Rune Puzzles

Vol 1, Num 4
July/August 1983
  1. Editors News
  2. Letters, many Q&A. New edict suggestions: Mirror, Cosmic Gas, Copy, Edict Zap, Super Zap, Inverse, Lean, Compression [Tim Shewchuk, Fred Bilsky, Mike Ross]
  3. Massachusetts Mutations, New powers: Cheapskate, Collector, Cop, Count, Doubleheader, Golem, Invader, Lucretia, Mentor, Mimic, Mirror, Mystic, Raider, Superhero, Underdog [Matt Stone]
  4. Cosmic Tournament at ConFusion
  5. Michigan Moons: Challege Extension, Challenge Limitation, Chronomoon, Cone Size I,II,III, Flare Trade, Flare Trap, Limitation, Role Play, Supernova [Jeff & Paula Boes]
  6. Cosmic Encounter, The Motion Picture (Powers): Werewolf, Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Superman, Jaws, E.T. [John C. McKevitt]
  7. Destro's Dire Four (Powers): Computer, Illuminati, God, Satan [Dr. Robert Destro]
  8. Borderlands: The Rise of Religion, Knowledge, and Blimps
  9. Runzles puzzles [Allen Varney]

Vol 1, Num 5
September/October 1983
  1. Editors News
  2. Letters, questions, questions...
  3. Urbana Encounters (Powers): Klench, Alchemist, Gorgon, Krypton, Federalist, Metamorph, Shaman, Entrepeneur, Bookie, Spider, Tortoise [Bryan Stout]
  4. New Ones From New York (Powers): Factory, Fudge, Cannibal, Glitch Lawyer, Loan Shark, Merchant, Pawnbroker, Samurai, Snob, Spirit, Spy, Supplier, Teddy Bear, Pragmatist
    Also, terrorist flare alternate, and new edicts: Bancruptcy (sp), Take Two, No!, Babel [Mark Gilston, help from Tony Miller, Bob Schofield]
  5. More Runzles

Vol 1, Num 6
November/December 1983
  1. Editors News, last issue!
  2. Letters (including Bryan Stout power clarifications)
  3. A Potpouorri of Powers:
    Vapor, Swashbuckler, Renegade [James Collier]
    Lycanthrope, Lunatic, Carver, Jonah, Feint, Gorgon [Mark Gilston]
    Dog, Dummy Quiz, King, Underground [Robert Destro]
    Abyss, Fiend, Creator [Bryan Bowe]
  4. Runes Variants: Broken 5-letter Words, Negative Play, Ambiguous Play, Resolving an Ambiguous Runestick [Bryan Bowe]
  5. Game Review: Riddle of the Ring (Fellowship Games)
  6. White Plains Lives! (powers): Advisor, Aesthete, Cancer, Cat, Filth, Garbage Collector, Gestalt, Godfather, Lawyer, Leech, Lokinglas, Lunatik, Manipulator, Mole, Nomad, The Nose, Quantas, Sobsister, Spawn, Spirit, Traitor, Warlord
    Also, new edicts: Gravity Control, Nullifier, Time Warp
    Also, new moons: Attrition, Coup De Lune, Freedom Of Speech Magnetic Moon, Moon Meld, Nomad Moon, Spy Satellite, Tar Baby [Roy & Ginny Hardin, Larry Kominz, Malcolm McLaughlin, D. Summer Peck, Esq., Doug Schwarz, Scott Smith)
  7. More Runzles

Vol 2, Num 1
? 1991
  1. Welcome, explanation of game
  2. History (Version history information)
  3. Alien Bazaar: Bushwhacker, Busybody, Capacitor, Entropy, Grovel, Informer, Knot, Leech, Paranoid, Pavlov, Probe, Prolong, Queue, Salt, Teela, Toady, Ultimatum, Wastrel, Xx, Zero [Ken Cox, Nick Sauer, Mike Arms]
  4. More Cosmic 1830: Humor - 1830 is a railroad game [Russel de Castongrene]
  5. Asteroids [Andrew Plotkin]

Vol 2, Num 2
Jan 1992
  1. Editor Intro
  2. Errata and Clarifications
  3. Alien Bazaar: Computer, Conspirator, Crone, Customs, Darwin, Dog, Dominator, Duplex, Energizer, Engineer, Faithful, Grifter, Kamikaze, Monstro, Politician, Fool, Sociologist, Underground, Ventriloquist, Witch Doctor [Dr. Robert Destro, Nick Sauer, Mike Arms]
  4. Variants: Overkill challenge card, Pyrrhic Victory challenge card/Death Knight power Variable challenge cards [Nick Sauer, Mike Arms]
  5. Mayfairs first CE tournament at Gen Con '91 results [winner: Robert Dougherty of Hilton, NY]
  6. Sudden Death Cards [Randy Zoellner]

Vol 2, Num 3
Aug? 1992
  1. Editor Intro
  2. Questions & Answers: Terrorist/Changeling, Terrorist when? Anti-Matter/Loser, Symbiote+6 player, Duece/Mirror, Filth, Wild Void, Lost tokens, Healer & Vampire/Fungus, New powers [Jeff Leggett]
  3. Inverse Destiny: 6 inverse destiny cards, that player becomes attacker [Jeff Leggett]
  4. Alien Bazaar, Bad powers: Altruist, Beggar, Bick, Bureaucrat, Bystander, Chicken, Cockroach, Computer, Craven, Dodo, Fodder, Garlic, Gull, Knight, Lark, Lemming, Micron, Paranoid, Peacock, Pug, Quantum, Queen, Samurai, Tourist, Vitamin, Wart [Edward S. Bolme]
  5. Disadvantages variant (long list without names) [Mike Arms]
  6. Cosmic Hearts [Josh Smith, Jeff Hildebrand, Melissa Shaner, Jeremy Thorpe, additional powers by Mike Arms]

Thanks to Bill Olmesdahl for these documents.