Searching for an Akita

The Stellar Family Akita Search:

My name is David Madison Stellar, and in 1992 I found one of the great loves of my life in the form of an Akita bred by Lenmar Akitas in Illinois.

Her name was Kodiak, and she lived with me for 12 years and was the center of my world until she was taken by Lymphosarcoma. She was quite a survivor, she made it through mammary tumors when she was eight, the vets told me that operating probably wouldn't be worth it, but she lived another four very happy and comfortable years.

She was a gentle beast, she adopted a stray kitten that came into our house and convinced the cat the she was her mom, so it was common to see Kodiak following me around, with the cat following right behind.

We were inseparable, she came with me pretty much everywhere I went. I work as a contractor in the computer industry in Silicon Valley, and I would only take a new contract if the company would either let me work at home or let me bring my dog to work, because leaving my dog at home for over 8 hours a day was not an option.

I had a back yard, which is unusual in San Francisco, but it was pretty much never used by the dog, because we both far preferred to walk at the local park - I would always make sure that any housing I found was close to a decent dog park. Towards the end of Kodiak's life I did some math and was happily surprised to discover that I had literally spent over one year of my life simply walking my dog.

You can find out more about this amazing dog here:

To say that I have been devoted to my dog is an understatement, and she, being an Akita, was obviously devoted to me as well.

Now I have a new devotion in my life, and that is my wife. She has always wanted a dog, having taken care of many dogs and also having been a dog walker, so she is ecstatic for us to finally be getting a dog for our family. My wife works from home, and I am, of course, at a company that allows it's employees to bring their dogs to work, so our dog would not be left alone.

So now we are looking for an Akita to join our family. I love the brindle coat that my Kodiak had, and it would be nice to find that again. A brindle or brindle + white, hopefully with a self mask, which I know is particularly hard to find amongst AA. We are not set on whether we'd want a JA or AA breed. Given a choice between a male and female we'd likely choose a male.

We are aware of the issues of SA and definitely want a healthy dog, so we'd need to know the pedigree of the animal.

We'd love to talk to you more about what breedings you might have planned to see if you might have our next puppy!

Thanks for your time, David and Charlie Stellar


Daveola of GD & MH