The smoothie location:

Surf City Squeeze
865 Market St, 101 Clay St, other locations..
415 543-1435, 415 398-8888, ..

Has a "non-dairy" smoothie mix that contains milk protein.

Notice "non-dairy Smoothie Mix" on their website pages: profile, menu

I think they used to have ingredients on their website, but they've taken them down.

See the Casein page for more info.

2002/12/01: I had a "non-dairy" smoothie at Surf City Squeeze on Market. It tasted a little too dairy, and finally I got suspicious enough to double check, I asked the counter workers again if it was non-dairy like the menu said, and they said it was. I noticed they sell the mix, and I asked to see the ingredients, and sure enough it contained Casein. Unfortunately I had already finished 2/3rds of the smoothie, and so the next morning I was extremely ill, as I normally get when I ingest casein.

2003/08/25: Received mail from Rachel Ouellet (rachael.ouellet They wrote Surf City and they acknowledged that the label was a bit inaccurate but it met FDA guidelines. They are working on removing the non-dairy print from their stores (this was about a month ago)

Perhaps it's time to change things at the FDA?


note "non-dairy" Smoothie Mix in center


(This is the SF Mall location on Market)

Menu closeup

Smoothie mix ingredients

"Sodium Caseinate (A Milk Derivative)"

The photo of the front of the package didn't turn out, but it says the mix is "non-dairy"

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