The Cake

Yes, it's real.

We will have 6000 candles on a single cake, which we plan on lighting with one match.

For those of you disbelievers, we already have the candles which we have spent the last few weeks splitting the wicks apart into a 'V' shape. When all the candles are cramped together on the cake we only need to light one wick and the fire will spread.
See Figure 1.2b below

We've already tried this on a 100 candle test cake and it works wonderfully.

Even so, we have a spritzer bottle full of everclear in case it doesn't quite light.

Will it be edible?

Probably, but that's not important. We're going to try to make a two-layer cake so we can just shave off the top layer which should be burnt and covered with wax.
Then again we set fire to a cake last year and we ate it just fine.

Figure 1.2b - Candle Preparation
  1. The initial candle (one of 6000)
  2. We use wire strippers to remove excess wax and get a longer wick
  3. We split the wick in half with a toothpick.
  4. We put 6000 of these in a grid on top of a cake which will be approximately five feet by two feet.
  5. We light.

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