Album: Cleaning the DataHand Keyboard
Generally you can probably accomplish all the cleaning you need by taking off and washing the palm rests and then using compressed air to clean out the keys. If you are a messier user, though, this guide might come in handy.

First disconnect the keyboard and take off the wrist pads. You'll need a small phillips screwdriver.
Take off the two screws on the back panel and carefully pop off the back.
Disconnect the connectors noting where they go, then remove the two screws under the back. (The connectors actually only reconnect one way, but you need to make sure you don't forget any connections).
Take off the two bottom screws on the back panel.
And the three front screws under the wrist pad.
You might need to squeeze the plastic bubble inside this center tube in order to get the front panel off.
Pop off the top. Next remove the casing around the patch of four keys.
You can also remove and disconnect the thumb unit if need be. (You can see some corrosion here near the connector, so I decided to take mine off and clean it).
The thumb unit after removal.
Pop off the keys by carefully pulling them away from the center. They should pop off pretty easily.
You probably won't be able to remove the interior keys - they block each other. (At least I haven't figured out how to do it without taking the key units off the board).
Reassembly is the reverse. If only I could keep my desk clean as well.

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