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"Ramen" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters for lo-mein, or boiled noodles. Koreans pronounce it "la-myun," which sounds more like the original than the Japanese version.

From: http://www.seraph42.atfreeweb.com/food.html

Udon is a kind of wheat noodle that's thick and white and incredibly slippery.

Soba's a buckwheat noodle that's generally square shaped in the width. It's also made with wheat, but it's brown and thinner. It generally comes with a miso-type (see below) broth.

Vietnamese Pho (pronounced fa) comes in a clear soup broth that's deceptively filling. The Pho are thin opaque rice noodles that break easily when you try and pick them up. You can get Pho with chicken or duck or beef, but rarely vegetarian. These soups are normally served with a dish of bean sprouts and basil or mint leaves.

Chinese noodle soup (any kind) has a generic noodle and then variants on that generic one. The generic one is a wheat noodle that's yellowish-brown. It's thin and generally quite filling. They also taste a little salted. You can also get fat rice noodles which are short opaque noodles that are thick. They're also hard to pick up with chopsticks and you have to slurp them. There are more noodles other than these two. The broth is another clear one that's not as filling as the Pho one.

Miso Soup is made from fermented soybeans that have been ground into a pulp. There are different techniques of fermentation and different kinds of beans that yield different kinds of broth. This is normally served as an appetizer.

Cantonese Chow Mein is made from thin wheat noodles that are yellowish in colour. It's a bed of noodles that's crispy on the outside and has different toppings with a thick sauce.

Ichiban means first in Japanese.

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