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Table Of Contents

  1. 2017/01 - Back to San Francisco
  2. 2017/10/22 - Charlie the Filmmaker!
  3. 2017/11/05 - To Catch A Bus Thief
  4. 2017/11/08 - Dave The Stuntman

1:   2017/01 - Back to San Francisco

Eventually we end up back in San Francisco after spending some time
searching for a home.  After some time we find a nice and tiny garden
apartment in the Mission.  Amusingly enough it's about the same price
per month as my at-the-time outrageously priced 1700 sq ft Fulton Fun 
House apartment that I rented back in 2000.  Prices just keep going up!

2:   2017/10/22 - Charlie the Filmmaker!

Back in Barcelona in 2015, Charlie was just thinking about
starting to get involved in dance film, but was bemoaning that it was
"too late" to get started.

Now, less than two years later, one of her dance films, "Dive," was
accepted at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and was shown
tonight!  Great things already and great things to come!

3:   2017/11/05 - To Catch A Bus Thief
Someone stole the Big Red Bus.

This is the THIRD time we have been burglarized in three different 
cities over the last couple years.

I am tired of it and it hurts.

This time, though, the ending is not as painful as the time they 
cleared out our house and the time that they stole my Triumph.

For those of you unaware, the Big Red Bus was my home for many years, 
and was a project that I've spent over a decade building. We have an 
apartment now, but I still love the bus and we use it we can - it 
also still has a bunch of our "home" things in it.

Here's the story in brief:

Over Halloween we drove down to LA in the bus for the West Hollywood 
Halloween party, which is amazing. I brought my enormous Grim Reaper 
costume which we'll have photos up soon. We parked the bus for a few 
days at one of it's regular location before taking it back to storage 
- one of the neighborhoods I used to live in.

On Sunday we go to move it, and it's gone. We call 911 and report it 
stolen, and they say they'll have a cop out eventually to take the 

We've done this before.

I know the neighborhood really well. I guess that they aren't about 
to drive the bus to Iowa or some such, but they've moved it to take 
what they can get. We start driving to all the empty streets I know 

And sure enough, we head over to Amador and see the shape of a huge 
bus. I tell Charlie to drive past it and park while I call the 
police. I notice that a light is on inside.

They tell us they'll have a cop out, eventually.

I casually walk along the street past the bus to see if I can notice 
if anyone is moving inside.

Amazingly, someone is sitting in the driver's seat, though I can 
barely see them in the darkness.

I call 911 again and beg them to come out now. The operator argues 
with me and actually calls me a liar at one point. For real. I could 
rant about that in another post.

While I'm on the phone about 50 feet behind the bus, the lights come 
on. He's turned the bus on. I beg, again, that the 911 operator get 
some police there now. I jog straight up behind it so he can't see me 
in the mirrors, and as I get closer he starts the bus engine. I open 
the back doors to the engine compartment and reach in between the 
running fan belt and push the air solenoid that cuts off fuel 
delivery to the engine, and the engine sputters to a stop as he is 
trying to get away.

I search in the darkness for the service panel to find the 
maintenance switches that allow you to control the bus from the 
engine compartment. He starts the bus again, and I reach in and kill 
the engine. This happens one more time before I finally manage to 
find the kill switch, and now the engine won't start.

I quickly back away from the bus out of sight of the mirrors in case 
he comes back to see why the bus won't start or in case he decides to 
run for it. I want the bus back, but I'm not going to confront this 
guy directly if I don't have to.

I get further back and get back on the phone with the 911 operator. 
She's not helpful.

Amazingly, the thief doesn't realize what's happened, and he stays in 
the bus. For a while. Which is good, because it takes the police a 
few minutes still to show up, but they finally do, with guns drawn 
and arrest the piece of shit.

I take a video on my phone but it's from pretty far away, so the
footage is pretty shaky and dark

We finally get to go inside the bus and it's a disaster. Fortunately 
we found it while they were sorting through the "loot" and before 
they'd pulled much out, but there was damage inside and outside the 
bus - they'd evidently hit something while driving, and they ripped a 
bunch of the reflectors off the side, either because they like shiny 
things or somehow thought this would make the bus "incognito". They 
were not the smartest of thieves.

I say "they" because there were more of them - a witness saw at least 
one leave the other sitting in the bus before as he stole one of my 
scooters - and when we got inside they had left a bunch of their 
belongings inside our bus.

A bunch of things that we are going to enjoy setting fire to.


At some point I'll figure out how to keep the animals away, but I 
haven't figured it out yet.

In the end, we have the bus back, and all of the blood, sweat and 
tears that went into it are mostly recovered. We spent all day 
yesterday repairing, and will have plenty more work to do.

I am blessed to have Charlie with me through all of this. She handled 
the whole situation like a capital-H Human, and she helped me deal 
with everything, physically and emotionally afterwards. If the 
animals manage to take everything else from me, then as long as I 
have Charlie I will be okay.

4:   2017/11/08 - Dave The Stuntman

This is not my week.  A couple of days after the attempted bus theft,
I am riding one of my little one-wheeled scooters across Van Ness.  
They don't go fast, max of 8mph (jogging speed), but fast enough to 
put me in the tracks of oncoming car from my right, which I realize 
at the last second.  I try to veer very hard to the left to get out 
of his path, but he sees me and thinks I'm going to keep going, so he 
veers to try to go the left of me.

Amusingly our actions cancel out, and as I turn hard left, I see a 
flash of his car on the left of me and hear a loud bang as if two 
cars had just collided.

They hadn't, that was the sound of the car hitting me.

As I sail over in a flip, I'm just trying to figure out how I can avoid
going under the wheels, though I don't have any reference as I'm flipping
backwards and moving too fast.  I hit the ground, and try to roll over
and get my head up enough to see if any cars are coming since this is
a busy road.  Amazingly, none are.

People wonderfully come running to make sure I'm okay.  I convince the first
one there to help me up because I know my body and spine well enough to
be pretty sure that the important bits are in one piece.  As I'm sitting
up, I see that my motorized unicycle is still rolling!  It's done a full
circle on it's own and is heading back to the intersection where it started,
a good 50 feet away.  (It isn't until much later that I realize this means
I flew a good 40 feet or so through the air during that back flip), I am
guessing the car was going between 30 and 40mph when it hit me, minus my
8 mph or so that I was moving in the same direction.

Somehow the scooter wasn't hit, and it's not scratched.

I am.

As I'm getting up, people are circling around, asking if I'm okay.  I'm
hurt, but I'm pretty sure I'm "okay" in the major sense.  I know I have
a cut on my head, because there's blood, but every time I reach up, a
loose clump of hair comes out in my hands, which freaks me out.  I use
my phone camera to check and it looks like my head is still there, so
that's nice.  It isn't until I get home that I learn that I had used 
the road to shave off a 1" circle of hair (and some skin) from the 
top of my head.  Hopefully that will regrow, I'm not ready to need a 
combover just yet.

I walk back home and Charlie is my hero yet again.  We go to the hospital
just to check things out, and some knee X-rays and a cat scan of my head
and neck confirm what I was pretty sure of, that I have no serious trauma.

So I have survived, and got to actually find out what it's like to have
my body hit by a moving car.  Now that I've tried it, I'm quite confident
that I don't need to do that one again.

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