From Sun Sep 05 10:06:01 2010
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 14:00:34 -0300
Subject: Hello Dave
From: Rick Ipanema 

Hello Dave...
I do not know if you'll remember, I'm Rick Ipanema belonging to Buzznet,
Sorry I have not sent you an explanation at the time, but it was because I
do not speak or write in English, I'm using a translator and I apologize if
something does not look good makes clear.

First I wanted to ask forgiveness for everything that happened at that time,
I was guilty, but my fault was not the way you thought.

I was friends with a guy who started and did all lying, using your photos
and saying that he was, at first I was very upset, but the boy eventually
became popular and when I fought with him just because of what was
happening, several friends did not know the true story fought me when he
said he would leave the site buzznet because of me.

I feel guilty because I just held my tongue and taking the blame, but the
own buzznet later found that the IPs were different, in the time I did not
have computer at home and only access the Internet from work and there was
the comment by dawn Davilion which would be impossible to be done for me.

You must be wondering this because I'm bringing back an issue as old.

First because I wanted to apologize since that time but because not even
write English and I feel guilty for what happened.

Second because I really felt responsible for perhaps a different way than
was shown by all that had happened

The third because this person did this all makes my life hell until today
and why I'm asking please if there is a possibility that you delete history
of your page, I apologize for the mistake I made and would be very grateful
to that your help

I never hid or changed my name, I have always been and always will be Rick
Ipanema, I still have my Buzznet, while this person who actually was the
author of all this history, changing the names of each site that appears,
but always doing my life a hell, and uses just that his text of your page

Thank you for your understanding and with my request for forgiveness and beg
their kindness on your part.
For you maybe it was just something unpleasant that happened years ago, but
that person perhaps unrequited love, but makes my life a living hell until
now and use your page all the time for this

From dave Fri Sep 17 03:21:32 2010
Subject: Re: Hello Dave
To: (Rick Ipanema)
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 03:21:32 -0700 (PDT)

I'm going to have go with not believing you because:

1) You don't even mention who this supposed person is who caused this.

2) *You* created and ran the DaveLion account.  The email attached to it
   was yours.

If it's such a difficult time for you, perhaps you should get help for
whatever was the reason you needed to make this all up.

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 07:10:27 -0300
Subject: Re: Hello Dave
From: Rick Ipanema 

David is hard to explain everything that happened, using a translator, but
I'll try to answer your emails and hope you understand, it's easy for me to
read what you write, but writing must use the google translator.

1 - It's your right to believe or not.
2 - Believing or not believing my life will continue as it always was, so I
did not need to write to you after five years
3 - I did not create this Davelion and email was not mine, so that the
director's own buzznet, never canceled my account and it exists even today,
I almost never using it, for he saw that the creation of an IP had
Davelion Swiss
4 - At first the person who created the Davelion was my friend (virtual) in
the first picture he used, I thought she was just using to show a story that
happened just after with his new photos that I saw what she was doing and
had been involved.
5 - You want to know who did this was that the name is Claudio Lara and
Buzznet he called Brazil.
6 - Different from me that I was always in meetings and showed my face and
never fought with anyone on the Internet, he never showed a picture on the
internet, never appeared in any meeting of mutual friends and lives to this
day with that history in mind, because I did not talk to him, at first
thought it was a thing of momentary anger, but I see today after 06 years
that the thing may be higher.
7 - As I said you can believe or not about what you wrote, basically my life
will not change and do not need to write to you after 05 years, I just
definitely want to put a stone on what happened.
Again I apologize and I am not here taking my share of blame in that story,
but as I said in another email guilt was not as you think, my guilt was not
the creation but the omission and even participate in some way.

I tried to summarize as much as I could to not get confused in the
translation, if you have someone who speaks Portuguese and can translate, I
can send the story becomes more detailed and perhaps easier to understand
it, so I ask you to answer me or not it will delete and whether or not
received because I was thinking that you had not received the email


From dave Sun Sep 26 16:55:53 2010
Subject: Re: Hello Dave
To: (Rick Ipanema)
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 16:55:53 -0700 (PDT)

Who created the DaveLion account?

Who created *your* account on Buzznet?

From rick:

David as I had imagined. the difficulty of the language would leave maybe my
explanation confusing.
You do not speak Portuguese and I wrote of in English as well.
In item 05 of the previous email, I say who made that whole story, but I did
not send an email to you after five years to accuse another person, just
wanted to explain what I did and what did not, but put on a stone this
unpleasant story

This story is over and our lives go, I just wanted to talk about what was
done for me and what was not, but as imagined five years ago, the language
would be a problem to explain what really happened ...

I've had my share of guilt when the person that created the lie and not
reported, the reason I told you in previous emails, but I think the
explanation was confused by the translator.

If you can delete that story, I would greatly appreciate it, because the
person really responsible for everything that using this text to continue
with their lies,

But if not, I understand it is a right and that you have of me not to bother
him more about it.

I sincerely wish that you continue to be the person that seems to be happy.

I ask forgiveness again for every problem that I indirectly caused you ...

Thank you for your attention

Rick Ipanema

From: Dave
I just want you to clearly answer two simple questions:

- Who created the DaveLion account?

- Who created *your* account on Buzznet?

From rick:

look again...(5)

From: Dave
> look again...(5)

Please read these TWO questions and answer them:

1) Who created the DaveLion account?

2) Who created *your* account on Buzznet?

Are you telling me that Claudio Lara created *your* account on Buzznet?

From rick:

David as I said before, do not you tried to resuscitate the past, but to
bury him once and for all.

I believe that all your questions are already answered in the mail that you
send, you want proof of who created all that history?

Try deleting that text, I'm pretty sure that once he realized that was
deleted, it will make contact with for why the text was deleted

Why does that not one person is involved in an issue as old and forgotten
all mind you delete the text, but as I said, I think he will do it, not sur=

For me this matter is closed, I've asked forgiveness for what I did and did
not do so until, on my part there is nothing else to do.

God Bless you and thank you for your attention

From: Dave

> I believe that all your questions are already answered in the mail..

No they are not.

I will not continue this conversation unless you answer these two simple
questions.  This is the last time I will mail them:

1) Who created the DaveLion account?

2) Who created *YOUR* account on Buzznet?  (Rick Ipanema)

Answer those two questions or we are done having this conversation.

From rick:

David'll repeat ...

Do not you tried to accuse anyone but ask forgiveness for what I did but I
will not apologize for what was not done by me

You want to know the name of the person who created the account DaveLion?

take a test, delete the text, or better if you do not want to delete, do
something that text will be hidden by a period of one year, I'm pretty sure
that once the person notice that the text does not exist, sooner or later i=
will you seek to know and you must agree that it would be a very strange
person who was not involved with the history, after five years will seek to
understand why it was deleted

this will be the best way you be sure who it was who created that
history. Names,
I can give several, but then you can probably see who it was.

I repeat, I really wish all happiness and may God Bless you and continue to
be jolly person who demonstrates


UPDATE: 2013

I get email from 'ClaudioBatman' who claims to be having similar problems with Rick and claims to know personal information about who Rick really is. (Whether or not it's true I have no idea).
From claudiobatman   (bol com br)

   Good morning, David
   The issue is related to the Rickipanema Buzznet.
   Excuse my grammar. I do not write well your language.
   Remember the Rickipanema Buzznet? Inform him that his name is Ricardo
   Ramalho. He hides his real name. The reason is that had stolen someone
   else's life before and done the same procedure.
   He now tries to copy my life. Copy to my sentences.
   The sister's husband's Rickipanema told me that he is psychotic. Other
   members of the site Buzznet also describe as mentally ill. The reason
   was loneliness.
   Rickipanema is poor at the time and used the work computer. The company
   name was "IMATUR TOURISM". < /span>Today he works in the company "ZMG
   TOURISM". He is the tour guide.
   The site Buzznet probably traced the IP and registration number of the
   computer, when he logged in, it was proven that the counterfeit bills
   were all Rickipanema - Ricardo Ramalho.
   You must ask ... As I discovered you?
   I searched his name on the internet at that time.
   The reason is simple. The Rickipanema, writing as if you (davelion)
   commented on a photo of me on a crime. This crime happened next to the
   Church of the Candelaria. Rickipanema know much about the church and
   about the crime, but a Swiss not know either. This crime was discovered
   because of a witness. The "Human Rights Watch" helped in the witness
   protection program. The refuge was in Switzerland
   I suspected that you we re a witness to the crime. Therefore I sought
   information about you at the time.
   I talked to friends and think of them contacted you. I do not know how
   you found out and made the complaint to Buzznet.
   I do not know much about Davelion. Ricardo Ramalho created this name to
   have fun with women.
   I suspect he invented the name of her friend because she wanted
   attention from men as well. The photos of his friend he used to talk to
   me, because it would be Brazilian and he could talk porugus.
   Ricardo Ramalho is a very needy person. Mental illness away possible
   true friends.
   A friend of the site Buzznet told me that he is gay. Suffer mentally
   because of family, faithful Baptist church.
   Mental illness Ricardo Ramalho prevented him from having a normal life.
   The mental disorder fumbled studies. works in the company of a relative
   and has no real friends.
   I suspect school failure, work and family is his reason to be jealous
   of people with normal life. I think it copied by your life of envy and
   now copies my life.
   He stole your pictures of the trip to Switzerland to show places. He
   said he lived in Switzerland, but I doubt it. Maybe he accompanied tour
   group or worked for a short time, because it speaks the local languages
   and write the language of Brazil as a child of 10 years.
   I suppose he has stolen their photos to show you a place in Switzerland
   had a picture with a lion carved in stone. He must have visited the
   place and stole your picture to display. I can not explain the twisted
   mind of Ricardo Ramalho, but I think you envy the life of the sister's
   husband and that is to be important.
   Ricardo Ramalho always stole photos from various places and published
   any image that was funny.
   He stole photos because they had no camera in 2004. He just bought the
   first camera in 2009. The "IMATUR TOURISM" went bankrupt. He bought
   with compensation money.
   He also refers to the nickname mind. Rick + Ipanema. Rick abbreviation
   of Ricardo and most luxurious Ipanema neighborhood of Rio but he lives
   in the Penha n eighborhood. And in the poorest slums of Rio de Janeiro
   - Morro do Caracol.
   He lied saying that he lived in the neighborhood of Ipanema. Also lied
   saying that friends gave the nickname Rickipanema. Forgets to repeat
   the lie.
   A community of friends Buzznet he disintegrated. It also destroyed a
   music site. Now promotes discord in the photo site Flickr. Ricardo
   Ramalho is an "Alien".
   Rick.ipanema leverages the fact that the site Buzznet not be banned. He
   contributed much, for it was online all day at Buzznet. The site was
   very poor and unprotected. They stole my pictures and I closed the
   account. I am a photographer "freelancer".
   Rick.ipanema was banned for offenses on another website. Creating fake
   accounts to offend other members. Link at the bottom of this email and
   use the Google translator. [DEL: He preaches to discord everywhere.
   :DEL] Uses slander. Ricardo Ramalho da Penha neighborhood is a person
   Currently Ricardo Ramalho uses the same name and login. It explores the
   innocence of people. The main victims are elderly women, fat, needy and
   I wrote this e-mail because I take the mask Rickipanema. I will
   disclose the lies of Ricardo Ramalho and his mental illne ss.
   Do not be afraid of Ricardo Ramalho. He is a coward. Always seeks to
   involve other people, because he is incapable and too weak physically
   and mentally.
   I authorize you to publish this email, please do not erase the evidence
   of past Rick. Ipanema. I realized clearly that you do not believe
   anything he says or writes. The theft of your photos are a good proof
   of the sick mentality of Ricardo Ramalh o.
   I request that you not publish more emails liars Ricardo Ramalho.
   Rickipanema will be unmasked and will be very angry.
   My name is Claudio. I am a bachelor in accounting (bookkeeping), I am
   "Accountant Bookkeeper" and a BS in geography. I studied in one of the
   five largest universities in Brazil.
   Since 2007 I am a photographer "freelancer". Photographed for the
   largest magazine in my country also the largest publisher of books in
   Brazil, mayor of my city and in 2011 photographed a few months for the
   website YAHOO.
   Any questions, please ask me.

   Link to websites of people who were stolen by rickipanema.