Why? Casein Fight
I became vegetarian in early 1997, and have switched to ovo-pescetarian in 2002. Here's why. I've been battling some companies that claim "dairy-free" on products that contain milk protein.
SF Restaurants SF Fish Tacos & Veggie Mexican Ramen
This is a list of restaurants in San Francisco which cater to a veggie diet. This started out as just a list of places I eat, but I kept discovering that people were using it, so it became a passion of mine to track down veggie restaurants. After almost a decade of veggie, I found that I wasn't doing so well and I decided to start adding fish to my diet. When I started eating fish I had a mad craving for fish tacos but an impossible time finding them. There are actually quite a few good fish tacos in SF, and here's how you find them. Also has a good listing of veggie tacos/burritos. I like Ramen. You would too if you got the good stuff.

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